10 Admin Dashboard UI Elements

An attractive dashboard can provide the user with crucial information at a glance. As the easiest way for the user to navigate directly to various areas of a web page or app, the dashboard’s design requires it to attract users’ attention. Here I want to show you the best dashboard templates to help you create a stunning workspace.

Creating the dashboards and admin areas for your app or another type of project is just as crucial as creating the design of your front-end pages right. Nevertheless, designing and building all those pages and layouts for your back end areas can be very time-consuming.
Don’t neglect the web development website templates and design elements. It would be best if you didn’t start an app-building from scratch. In this post, I’ll show you look at the best admin templates with UI elements that can be the foundation of your next app or web project.

These below-listed admin dashboard UI elements are exactly what you need. They are elegant and stylish and come with beautiful material design. Without further hesitation, let’s have a look at the best material design dashboard templates:

Sales Admin Dashboard Desktop UI Elements

The Sales Admin Dashboard Desktop Ui Elements were created to be a good fit for up-to-date web apps that need a nice yet intuitive user interface. There’s a growing collection of elements to choose from, including an interactive calendar, a form builder, graphs, sales trackers, charts, and many more options. Along with the elements for the main dashboard, there are also a number of additional icons and items to work with, including login and registration pages, gallery pages, error pages, and a lock screen design.

Smart Home Admin Dashboard UI Elements

The dashboard UI elements have clearly been designed to be a good fit for elegant web apps’ design. In the package, you’ll find the well-organized layers, free fonts, free icons. The set of icons gives you plenty of options for decorating your pages and their elements. Smart Home Admin Dashboard Ui Elements certainly has everything you need in order to create the intuitive design of your dashboard for your project. But first, be sure to look at the demos to see if the design style matches your preferences.

Cryptocurrency Admin Dashboard UI Elements

Cryptocurrency Admin Dashboard UI UI Elements is a creative and perfect set of admin dashboard UI elements for Cryptocurrency. Focus comes at almost all the necessary design items. It allows you to add graphics, alerts, buttons, charts, and tables along with other necessary elements in your dashboard. With this beautiful Bootstrap dashboard template with UI elements, you can smartly do your job. You do not need to design anything from your side to run it.

Project Management Admin Dashboard Ui Kit

This Project Management set of Admin Dashboard Ui Kit UI Elements gives you access to an extensive collection of elements that makes website designing a reasonably simple process. Buttons, progress bars, graphs, tabs, and timelines are just some of the UI elements you can incorporate into your dashboard. Building custom forms and adding them to the layout is straightforward too. It will be easy to ensure your UI and its elements are all perfectly aligned and in the right place.

Sales Monitoring Admin Dashboard UI Elements

Sales Monitoring Admin Dashboard UI UI Elements designed to be beautiful and simple. This collection is ideal for projects that need to display a lot of options and elements without overwhelming their users. It comes with a big selection of UI designs that will provide you with multiple options to build the app that best fits your needs. And it includes the well-organized layers, free fonts, free icons.

Helpdesk Management Admin Dashboard UI Elements

Since Helpdesk Management Admin Dashboard UI Elements is designed for the productivity task, you have plenty of productivity elements like a to-do list, IM tools, and project stats. It has eye-catching images because of the trendy web colors. It also gives you a beautiful layout, along with other essential dashboard UI elements. Its clean white space makes the web items neat to look at. This set of UI elements can be used to create admin panels, project management systems, web applications backend, CMS, or CRM.

Finance Monitoring Admin Dashboard UI Elements

The Finance Monitoring package of UI elements is packed with page useful elements to help you save time when using this component in your project. If you check out the preview, you’ll get a good idea of precisely what this collection can do. Any of many components from the library of UI elements can easily be picked for your dashboard, ensuring you’re able to create the right dashboard for your online project or software app. Some of the UI elements that you can work with include alerts, carousels, icons, and much more.

Event Management Admin Dashboard UI Elements

Event Management Admin Dashboard UI UI Elements designed to be beautiful and simple. It comes with a big collection of UI components that will offer you multiple possibilities to create the admin dashboard that best fits your needs. You can also add graphs, charts, buttons, and tables to your dashboard with minimal effort if you choose these set of UI elements. They can all be adjusted to ensure they fit in or contrast with the rest of your dashboard as desired. The audience that will access your admin panel wouldn’t have any problems.

Admin Dashboard Customer Relationship Management UI Elements

You may choose to edit the pre-built demos or construct your dashboard, and these Admin Dashboard Customer Relationship Management UI Elements should provide you with all the UI elements. The set of icons gives you plenty of options for designing your pages and their components. Tools for adding graphs and charts to your dashboard pages, which are also included, are a selection of pre-built forms for accepting info from your users. Calendar widgets, chat apps, sales graphs, and notification streams are just some of the features you can add to your admin panel.

Ad Campaign Admin Dashboard UI Elements

When it comes to designing the dashboards and templates or creating your layouts from scratch, use the Ad Campaign Admin Dashboard UI Elements. The collection of UI kit images is impressive. Due to its library, you can easily add buttons, checkboxes, progress bars, videos, and much more to your designs. In many cases, there are multiple options for each type of element to choose from. This collection has everything you need and more to design and launch an admin area for your project.


All of the above top 10 web dashboard templates have been designed so that you can use them as a complete solution. Its vast collection of web dashboard templates will help you equip your project with all the necessary functions, whether it be charts, calendars, file managers, and much more. Good luck! And it doesn’t matter how you choose to design your website/app dashboard UI, and I hope this collection of the best dashboard templates, SAAS admin dashboard, and HTML5 dashboard templates can help you. And you will create a gorgeous dashboard design quickly and easily.

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