10 SEO Copywriting Secrets to Increase Your Traffic

Before you delve into this list of 10 SEO copywriting secrets, you need to understand that driving traffic to your website is the key component on how you will achieve your online business goals. This is the only way you can establish global presence among the millions of websites that are out there. And this is where SEO comes in.

The problem is that SEO is commonly misunderstood. People think that for as long as they stuff keywords in their articles, SEO will come into play and do its job by itself. It is also a bad thing to think that just because you have submitted your page name in Google, you would expect traffic to come to you. Well, it takes more than that. Check out these 10 SEO copywriting secrets that will improve your website traffic drastically if followed carefully. 


Create an attractive headline.

The first and most important in this list of 10 SEO copywriting secrets is the headline. The headline is the blue link you see on the search engine. No matter how good your content is, your headline is what makes people click on your link. Mediocre headlines are similar to poor food presentation — the food is good but it looks bad so no one will order it. A good headline should attract attention and invite the person to get into action. It is the headline that makes the promise of what someone can expect from your website.

Good headlines generally start with numbers. Examples are: “7 Beauty Secrets of the Famously Rich” or “How to Make $1,000,000.” This headline is far better and more attractive than a lame “Beauty Secrets for You” or “Make Money Today.” Headlines with numbers tell the reader right away what the content is. It gives them an idea how long they will have to read and if there is value in what your content offers. In fact, headlines with numbers generate clicking action 50% better than all types of headlines combined.

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