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15 React Form Libraries

In this article, We will be having a look at 15 of the best and most used React form libraries.

React Form Libraries provides the perfect set of tools for React to handle form rendering and validation.

1. Formik

Formik is a small library that helps you organize, test, refactor and reason about your forms. With 21.1k stars on Github, It stands to be the number 1 choice for most react developers


  • Getting values in and out of form state
  • Validation and error messages
  • Handling form submission


2. React Hook Form

8.1k Stars on Github. React Hook Form is said to be flexible and easy to use. With a lot of features, it stands as our second choice, It has a wide community of contributes and is open to new changes.


  • uilt with performance and DX in mind
  • Embrace uncontrolled form validation
  • Improve controlled form’s performance
  • Tiny size without any dependency


3. React Json Schema Form

8.1k Stars on Github. This is a simple React component that makes use of a JSON schema and Bootstrap semantics to build HTML forms out


  • Uses JSON Schema
  • Uses Bootstrap Semantics


4. React Final Form

5.6k Stars on Github. This is a High-performance subscription-based form state management to React.


  • Zero dependencies
  • Only peer dependencies: React and Final Form
  • Opt-in subscriptions – only update on the state you need!


5. Unform

3.1k stars on Github. Unform is a performance-focused library that provides you with creating beautiful forms in ReactJS & React Native with the power of uncontrolled components performance and React Hooks.


  • Easy
  • Peasy
  • High scalable


6. Formsy React

2.6k stars on Github. Fromsy React is a simple form input builder and validator for React JS


  • Build any kind of form element components
  • Add validation rules and use them with simple syntax
  • Use handlers for different states of your form.
  • Pass external errors to the form to invalidate elements

7. Tcomb Form

1.2k stars on Github. This React Forms library provides a concise but expressive way to define domain models in JavaScript.


  • Write a lot less HTML
  • Usability and accessibility for free (automatic labels, inline validation, etc)
  • No need to update forms when the domain model changes


8. Formal

1.1k stars on Github. Formal is a cross-platform solution that exposes just the right primitives you need to manage your forms state and validations with ease. Kent C. Dodds is a contributor to this.


  • Cross-Platform
  • Support react hooks


9. Uniforms

Uniforms are a react library for building forms with support for all kinds of schemas.


  • Automatic forms generation
  • Fields capable of rendering every schema
  • Helper for creating custom fields with one line
  • Inline and asynchronous form validation
  • Integrations with various schemas


10. Winterfell

Winterfell allows you to build up complex, multi-page forms with conditional questions, validation and conditional-page switching via a JSON schema, rendered by React.


  • Easy, quick and extendable
  • JSON schema
  • Design agnostic and customisable
  • Multi-page forms
  • Infinitely-recursive conditional questions
  • Conditional page switching
  • Conditional form submitting
  • Disable regular submissions


11. React Formal

This is a Sophisticated HTML form management for React, Better form validation, and value management for React.


  • Provides minimal wiring
  • Complete input flexibility.


12. React Reactive Forms

It’s a library inspired by the Angular’s Reactive Forms, which allows to create a tree of form control objects in the component class and bind them with native form control elements.


  • UI independent.
  • Zero dependencies.
  • Nested forms.
  • Subscribers for value & status changes of controls.


13. Nested Link

NestedLink is useState React Hook on steroids providing an elegant callback-free solution for complex forms with input validation and making the React state a perfect state container.


  • Callback-free form controls binding to the component state.
  • Complete separation of the validation logic from the markup.
  • Easy handling of nested objects and arrays in the component state.


14. React JSON Editor

React-JSON-editor takes a JavaScript object describing the shape of the data we want a user to provide – a schema – and automatically creates a form based on that schema. It also validates user inputs using the same schema.


Supports Plain JavaScript data object as input

Data validation are implemented by plexus-validate

Extends the JSON-Schema specification with two new properties x-hints and x-ordering


15. Redux Autoform

Redux Autoform create Redux-Forms dynamically out of metadata.


Redux Autform has very few contributions and no distinctive features, you should consider checking it out and see if it’s worth contributing to improving it.



These are the top React Form Libraries’ on GitHub, You can try them out on your projects and share your reviews with us.

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