5 Best Javascript Frameworks to learn in 2017

let’s highlight 5 Best Javascript frameworks to learn in the year 2017 and take a bird’s eye view of how each one of them can ease your javascript app development .
JavaScript is the most popular language on the web .modern databases such as MongoDB and CouchDB use JavaScript as their scripting and query language. JavaScript has become an important platform outside browsers as well. Projects such as Node.js and io.js provide powerful platforms to develop scalable server environments using JavaScript. javascript powers Google’s V8 and Mozilla’s SpiderMonkey engines and they power Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers.
If you have ever worked with JavaScript then you know that it requires a lot of effort to develop and the maintain a large application. when a beginner developer Starts learning JavaScript, he/she is normally attracted to JavaScript Frameworks.

1 – Nodejs

Node.js is one of the most popular JavaScript-driven technologies nowadays. It was created in 2009 by Ryan Dahl and since then, the framework has evolved into a well-developed ecosystem. Its package manager is full of useful modules and developers around the world have started using Node.js in their production environments.

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        In general, Node.js is made up of three things:

On top of these three blocks, we have several bindings that expose low-level interfaces. The rest of Node.js is written in JavaScript. Almost all the APIs that we see as built-in modules and which are present in the documentation, are written in JavaScript.

Rise in Popularity



React vs nodejs

The data above is taken from google trends. you can clearly see that node.js is beating react.js in popularity.

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    Is Anyone using nodejs ?

    If you’ve used any of the services such as  duckduckgo.com,  paypal.com  then you’ve already come across and used nodejs on the Web.

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    2  – React.js


    React is based on the concept of  DOM manipulation is a costly operation and ought to be minimized. It additionally acknowledges that optimizing DOM manipulation by hand will end in lots of boilerplate code, which is error-prone, boring, and repetitive.  React solves this by giving the developer a virtual DOM to render to instead of the actual DOM. It finds the difference between the real DOM and virtual DOM and conducts the minimum number of DOM operations required to achieve the new state.  React is also declarative. When the data changes, React conceptually hits the refresh button and knows to only update the changed parts.

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      This simple flow of data, coupled with dead simple display logic, makes development with ReactJS straightforward and simple to understand.

    Rise in Popularity

    react vs angularjs

    angularjs vs reactjs

    angularjs vs reactjs

    The data above is taken from google trends . you can clearly see that react is beating angularjs in popularity. you can Learn Reactjs by building Real life apps.

    Is Anyone using React ?

    If you’ve used any of the services such as Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, Alibaba, Yahoo, E-Bay, Khan-Academy, AirBnB, Sony, and Atlassian, you’ve already come across and used React on the Web.


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    3 –  Angularjs or Angular 2  ?

    AngularJS was introduced as a JavaScript MVW Framework. It had tree big advantages that made people love it:

    • Code production was incomparably fast
    • Every piece of application was easily testable
    • Google was behind the project

    There are other things that make Angular so good for programmers. The first is two-way data binding. Angular allowed you to see data changed in JavaScript to be reflected automatically on the UI. It made things a lot easier to develop at the beginning, because no more coding was required except for linking a proper controller to the part of HTML. The second benefit that Angular brings to programmers are directives.

    AngularJS is a great way to kickstart an app or MVP. With a rising popularity and more and more features coming to the core, the Angular team decided to rewrite the original framework, introducing Angular 2. Some say Angular 2 and AngularJS share only one thing: the name. There is a migration path (called ng-upgrade) from AngularJS to Angular 2. However, Angular 2 is still a brand new framework sharing only some concepts of its predecessor.

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    The whole concept of application structure has changed in Angular 2. Previously it was the MVC framework that allowed you to create applications in the pattern of rather tightly coupled entities like controllers, views, services, etc.

    Complete Introduction To angularjs For Beginners(4)

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    But in terms of popularity currently  angularjs is beating angular 2 . since angular 2 is new so we have to wait and watch . 




    Is Anyone using Angularjs ?

    If you’ve used any of the services such as weather.com  , freelancer.com ,  netflix.com you’ve already come across and used angularjs on the Web.  you can Learn Angular 2 Development By Building 12 Apps

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    4 – Vue.js

    Vue.js is a library for building web interfaces.  Vuejs is Simple, minimal core with an incrementally adoptable stack that can handle apps of any scale.  Vue is designed from the ground up to be incrementally adoptable. The core library is focused on the view layer only, and is very easy to pick up and integrate with other libraries or existing projects. On the other hand, Vue is also perfectly capable of powering sophisticated Single-Page Applications when used in combination with modern tooling and supporting libraries.


    Rise in popularity




    Is anyone using vue.js  ?

    If you’ve used any of the websites  such as laravel.com , gitlab.com, laracast.com  you’ve already come across and used  vuejs on the Web. if you are new to vuejs then you should take this course (complete beginners guide to vuejs)

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     5 – Meteor

    Meteor is not just a JavaScript library such as jQuery or AngularJS. It’s a full-stack solution that contain frontend libraries, a Node.js-based server, and a command-line tool. All this together lets us write large-scale web applications in JavaScript, on both the server and client, using a consistent API.  Meteor makes it easy for us to build web applications quickly and takes care of the boring processes such as file linking, minifying, and concatenating of files.


    With Meteor, we never have to link files with the <script> tags in HTML. Meteor’s command-line tool automatically collects JavaScript or CSS files in our application’s folder and links them in the index.html file, which is served to clients on initial page load. This makes structuring our code in separate files as easy as creating them.  you can Learn MeteorJS By Building 10 Real World Projects .

    Is anyone using Meteor ?

    Even with Meteor being quite young, already a some companies like , mazda , Thoughtly  , respond.ly are using it in their production enviroment .

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    Any other Options  ?

    yes there are  –


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