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5 best open source projects built using Nodejs

1 - Reaction Commerce

Reaction Commerce is a completely open source JavaScript platform for today's premier ecommerce experiences. Reaction is built with JavaScript (ES6), Meteor, Node.js and works nicely with Docker.

Reaction is expected to have a stable codebase ready for some production configurations within the next couple of major releases.

2 - NASA's Open MCT

NASA's Open MCT is a next-generation mission control framework for visualization of data on desktop and mobile devices. It is developed at NASA's Ames Research Center, and is being used by NASA for data analysis of spacecraft missions, as well as planning and operation of experimental rover systems

Open MCT could be used as the basis for building applications for planning, operation, and analysis of any systems producing telemetry data.

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3 - Ghost

Ghost is a lightning-fast Node.js application with an Ember.js admin client and Handlebars.js themes. Ghost is maintained by a non-profit organisation called the Ghost Foundation.

Ghost is a completely open source product, which has been downloaded 1,217,785 Times.

4 - TellForm

TellForm is an opensource alternative to TypeForm built ontop of nodejs that can create stunning forms from PDFs or from scratch.  With TellForm you'll get all the features you need to run, administer, analyze and distribute forms for free.

TellForm is always improving and is vetted by top programming experts around the world .

5 - Reptar

Reptar is a modern and feature-rich static site generator.It is easy to use out of the box and easy to extend for whatever your use case requires. There's also theme support that is expressive, flexible, and sharable.

Reptar supports incremental builds, allowing you to re-build your site, only building files that changed.

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