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6 Tips for Designing Your Unique Blog

If done correctly, a blog can be hugely successful; it can create a large following, be used as a resource for lots of people, and of course, generate leads & a lot of money for the owner through adverts and sponsorships. However, starting a blog and making it successful isn’t easy, it takes hard work, lots of patience, and it has to stand out from the crowd – the internet is quite literally teeming with blogs so you have to be unique. 

Therefore, if you already have a blog that isn’t doing so well, or if you are thinking of starting a blog and need to know how to get attention then this article is perfect for you. Read on for everything you need to know about what you need to create the unique design for your blog.

1. Unique Logo

Having the right logo for your brand, company, or blog can make the world of difference when it comes to standing out from everyone else. A unique logo will be one of the main elements of your blog, and everytime someone sees that logo they will think of your page. Make it creative, attention grabbing, and notable to ensure the logo becomes synonymous with your blog. 

2. Colors and Fronts

There is a lot of psychology behind colors, for example, studies have shown that people are more willing to buy from a company that uses blue, black, or silver, and less likely if they use yellow, brown, or orange on their site. 

The first three colors are seen as classy or high-end, and the last three are seen as cheap. Choose your colors carefully, research the psychology behind the ones you want in order to decide if they’re the best option. Additionally, fonts have a similar effect, so choose ones that are professional and clear and not juvenile. Additionally, don’t use more than three colors or fonts on your blog.

3. Use Canva for Visual Content

With Canva you can create literally thousands and thousands of unique tailored infographics, pictures, postcards, frames, backdrops, and other visuals. Their library is huge, and their design and style options are so extensive that you’ll never run out of new and exciting visual content for your blog. Fresh, fun, and bold visual graphics will help draw more people to your pages. 

4. Include Call to Actions

Include call to actions on your page such as asking people to share links on their social media, perhaps you want them to ‘like’ your page on Facebook or pictures on Instagram, or maybe you want them to click on other pages on your blog. Adding in calls to action in certain places is an excellent way of getting an increase in engagement.

5. Investigate Competitors with Spokeo

Spokeo is a reverse number lookup tool that enables you to find out data and information for just about anyone. One of the best ways you could use this to your advantage is the information will help you find out more about your competitors, and the more you know about how they’re running their blog, the more you’ll be able to improve your own. Input their number in the phone number search, or their email in the email lookup tool, and in an instant, you could see more information about their blog, what social media is connected to them, and find out more about their marketing strategies. 

Spokeo helps you see into the back door of your competitors, and will give you much needed data to ensure you’re doing all the right things for your own blog.

6. Use Video Content

People prefer to watch videos over reading, so try to cater to this on your blog. Obviously, not everything you post needs to be in video form, but be sure to include fun, dynamic, informative, or engaging videos from time to time in order to attract a bigger audience.

Starting and running a blog isn’t a dream that can be fulfilled overnight, but with these tips such as using Canva for exciting content, inserting a call to actions, or using Spokeo to find out more about your competition, you’ll be a lot closer to making your blog a success.

Maguire Haigh

Maguire Haigh is a marketing manager for Spokeo. He is interested in the latest technology trends, marketing strategies and business development. He also prefers travelling, exploring the world and meeting new people. Maguire has great experience in creating and editing articles on different topics.

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