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11 Best Android Color Picker

The user interface is an integral part of an app and so is the color important in the UI design.

We normally use a color picker to customize the theme in an app or user interface to our preferred taste. They can also be used as an artistic app for our use.

There are several color pickers around the web but today we are going to concentrate on the android color pickers.

In android, a color is simplified into 32 bits and stored as an integer value. In the 32 bits, four slots each eight bits are divided.

The representation of the four bytes is Alpha for transparency, red color, green color and blue color (ARGB) with each byte holding a value of 256 values(0-255).

The total possible colors are 256 by 256 by 256 to give 1677216 colors which are over 16 million colors, with 256 transparency levels.

It is simple to assign the color value of an integer with the following code;

//-A-R-G-B Int lime = 0xff00ff00; FindViewById (R.Id.textView). Set backgroundColor(lime);

Now let’s look at 11 best android color picker:

1. ColorPicker

This is an android color picker with a custom image or a drawable color picker for you to pick colors from.

It is easily customizable and user-friendly. You are able to track the changes in color continuously while you move the picker and you can track color changes on the tap as well.

2. Eyedropper

This is an android library used to pick colors from images loaded in an image view or drawn on custom view. You can also track color changes on the tap below.

3. Color picker dialog.

This is an android library that provides a color picker dialog either single or multiple selections, you can pick from the array list of colors provided to you by the developer.

It is easy to use and track the color changes on the fly.

4. Shade mélange.

This is a library that contains a color palette and a range of predefined colors in it with their defined names.

To implement the grid, use recycleView to improve memory efficiency.

5. HSV-Alpha color picker

This color picker implements a color picker with a color preference that you can use in android applications and user interface.

You can pick the color by continuously clicking the palette, you will be able to track the color on the tap as well as the transparency of the color.

6. Color Picker

This is a simple android color wheel that has a lightness bar as well.

Colors are distributed to form the shape of a wheel. A user can choose to apply a color of their choice by clicking on it.

7. Spectrum

It is an android library of colors that allows users to pick colors from a list of colors provided.

Colors are drawn in the form of small circles distributed in rows.

When a user selects a color, it is marked with a blue or white tick or just a tick with an appropriate color of your present theme.

8. Chroma

It is a simple and lightweight android color picker written in Kotlin and interoperable with java applications.

It is a material color picker that has its apk file built automatically using Gradle wrapper.

You can pick a color of your choice by adjusting the three bars representing 255 values of RGB.

9. ColorPickerCollection.

This color-picker-collection provides a simple collection of color pickers. You can choose a color picker from the stock calendar or color picker from a dash clock.

10. Color-picker.

Color picker is a simple to use color picker for Android users.

It allows users to select different color palettes that have any reasonable number of colors.

A user can generate and store colors in an array or generate them on the fly.

11. Android wear color picker

Finally, Android wear color picker is a color picker optimized for android wearables like watches’ face settings and settings of other wearable devices.

Its UI is represented by a wheel of colors bearing different lightness and color hues.


In conclusion, there are numerous color pickers for android users to choose from and distributed for free. Some android color pickers are meant for wearable devices like watches while others designed for other android gadgets. Android users can use their color pickers to customize their UI themes and applications to their favorite color taste and themes.

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