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15 Best Brackets Themes

The look and feel of Brackets code editor can be customized using Brackets themes.

It is well known that a theme is made up of a set of shapes and colors for the graphical control elements, the window decoration, and the window.

Brackets themes are built by Brackets core developers team in order for Brackets themes to produce high-quality themes that are in accordance with the latest standards.

Here is the collection of 15 best Brackets themes.

1. Monokai Dark Soda

Monokai dark soda theme is a very common bracket theme.


  • A dark theme with a very good contrast
  • Being derived from monokai color scheme from Monokai modified for Dark Soda by buymeasoda

2. New Moon

New Moon theme works well with web development and design.


  • It has a moderate contrast

3. Visual Studio Dark

Visual studio dark theme is based on Visual Studio 2013 Dark theme.


  • It has a syntax coloring scheme that is definite for a particular language

4. Raven

Raven is derived from Dreamweaver CC’s Raven theme but with better preprocessor support.


  • It is a dark color theme with good contrast

5. Delkos Dark Theme

Delko’s dark theme is derived from Miguel del Castillo that is used in the boilerPlate theme.


  • Its dark color scheme makes codes readable and beautiful
  • It has modification on syntax highlight and editor elements

6. Sweet Dark Theme

Sweet dark is another bracket theme that makes codes more readable.


  • It is a dark theme

7. Monokai Darker Soda

Monokai darker soda is one of best bracket themes for late-night coding.


  • It comprises more darker theme

8. Coolwater Theme

Coolwater theme is a unique theme for brackets.


  • A minimal and light color theme

9. Os X Style – Flat and Dark

This is a flat and dark theme for brackets.


  • Designed with iOS 7 color palette.

10. Codepen theme

Codepen theme is another popular theme used for the bracket.


  • It replicates the default theme on codepen
  • It resembles a default Codepen theme

11. Infinite

Infinite is a moderate dark theme for brackets.


  • It has moderate contrasting colors

12. Harker Theme

Harker theme looks like green texts with black terminal.


  • It has a dark background with green texts within it

13. True Ocean – base 16

The true ocean theme looks very similar to that of the ocean theme. This is intentionally done by the designer to make it look like ocean themes.


  • It has a color scheme that makes it compatible with brackets

14. Neon Morning

This bracket is very similar to the Neon theme but it is more upbeat and happier.


  • It has a base color that makes it looks like a Neon theme

15. Tansidian Theme

This bracket theme took inspiration from Obsidian and Tango color themes.


  • It is a dark theme


Bracket themes are virtually beautiful and they make your codes very easy to read. The above-mentioned themes above work pretty well with brackets and you can easily choose from any of the themes to suit your taste.

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