Better Ways to Earn Money from Your Blog

As a blog owner, there are plenty of ways you can earn money for it. Apart from relying on Google AdSense to help you out with your ads, there are plenty of other options for you to earn money on your website. If your website manages to earn a good number of traffic, you can sell direct ads to potential advertisers to invest on your website.

Sell Direct Ads

In order for you to earn money through selling ad spots on your website, you will have to include an “Advertise” page on your website. This page needs to include important information such as your Alexa Traffic Rank, Google PageRank, Traffic Statistics (by Google Analytics), along with the available ad formats and their corresponding monthly rates. With this information, you get to give potential advertisers an easy way of getting in touch with you if they decide to post an ad on your website. To make monetizing on your blog easier, you can also opt for one of these networks:

Beacon Ads

Alexa Rank: 127,420
Payment Method(s) Available: PayPal, Check
Minimum Payment Amount: $20 (PayPal), $50 (Check)
Programs Offered: Cost Per Impression, Fixed Rate Banner Ads

Beacon Ads is an online advertising network where you can sell direct ads for your website. They have a long ad inventory that supports web, mobile web, RSS, apps, Tweets, and e-mail. However, it does take 30% commission.


Alexa Rank: 47,002
Payment Method(s) Available: PayPal, Check, Wire Transfer
Minimum Payment Amount: $75 (PayPal), $750 (Check & Wire Transfer)
Programs Offered: Fixed Rate Banner Ads, Sponsored Tweets

One of the good things about BlogAds is that you can sell ads directly to advertisers and even set the prices by yourself. You also get an extra 15% revenue whenever you refer new advertisers. Like Beacon Ads, they take 30% commission on all ad sales.


Alexa Rank: 2,041
Payment Method(s) Available: PayPal, Check, Wire Transfer
Minimum Payment Amount: $20 (PayPal), $50 (Check), $500 (Wire Transfer)
Programs Offered: Fixed Rate Banner Ads, Sponsored Tweets, Cost Per Impression

The most popular online advertising network you can use to sell direct ads is BuySellAds. With their list of ads, you’ll be able to go through different advertisers available. The commission they take is just 25%.

Selling Text Links

Another option you can use for earning money on your website is to sell text links. How this works is that advertisers may use your website so they can improve their organic ranking. But since this impacts Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, your website may be banned from search results. Before you decide to go with this option, you have to understand the risks. Here are some of your ad network options:


Alexa Rank: 56,057
Payment Method(s) Available: PayPal
Minimum Payment Amount: GBP 20
Programs Offered: Text Link Ads

Adbeans is a text link ad network where you can offer text links on your website to be purchased by advertisers. Once you sign up for an account, you’ll receive text link ad offers that you can either accept or reject. Accepting an offer will lead you to receive a fixed rate for each text link placed on your website.


Alexa Rank: 17,066
Payment Method(s) Available: PayPal, Check, Wire Transfer, EFT (US only)
Minimum Payment Amount: $25 (PayPal), $100 (Check, Wire Transfer, EFT)
Programs Offered: Text Link Ads, Banner Ads, Content Ads, Sponsored Reviews

Another text link ad network where you can get advertisements is LinkWorth. With this option, you don’t only get to offer text link ads but in-text ads, paid blog reviews, rotating text ads, in-content pay per click ads, hosted content pages, and more.

Matomy SEO

Alexa Rank: 11,337
Payment Method(s) Available: PayPal, Payoneer, Check
Minimum Payment Amount: No minimum (PayPal, Payoneer), $25 (Check)
Programs Offered: Fixed Rate Text Link Ads

Formerly called, Matomy SEO is one of the most popular text link ad network. Because of its popularity, it can easily connect you to high quality advertisers interested in buying text links. For a 30-day period, you can get a flat rate for placing an ad on your website that won’t depend on clicks or page views.

Text Link Brokers

Alexa Rank: 10,595
Payment Method(s) Available: PayPal, Check
Minimum Payment Amount: N/A
Programs Offered: Text Link Ads, Sponsored Reviews

What makes Text Link Brokers a great ad network is because they find link buyers that are related to your website. Additionally, they have a Hosted Marketing Pages program, which is similar to a sponsored review. You can opt for this to earn more money from them.

Apart from these two money-making alternatives for your website, you still have plenty of other choices available such as these:

Selling Sponsored Reviews: PayU2Blog, Sponsored Reviews, Blogsvertise, ReviewMe
Pop Under & Pop Up Ads: PopAds, CPMoz
In-Text Advertising: Infolinks, Kontera
In-Image Advertising networks: GumGum, Luminate
CPM Ad Networks: Technorati Media, Burst Media, Yes Advertising by Clicksor
Content Platforms: Taboola, PostJoint, Content BLVD, Written
Specific Ad Networks: BlogHer Publishing Network (for women), Foodie Blogroll Ad Network (for foodies)

There are plenty of ways you can earn money from your blog or website. What’s your excuse for not earning?

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