Network Security


FTPS vs FTP vs SFTP – Explained

Often, the terms FTPS vs FTP vs SFTP will be exchanged as data management geeks converse in their tech groups.…

10 months ago

Types of Firewalls

Types of Firewalls There are three basic types of firewalls, and we'll consider each of them. Application Gateways The first…

2 years ago

Protect Your laravel App from bots and spammers

In this article i will show you how to protect your laravel app from bots and spammers . lets take…

5 years ago

Stopping malicious attacks and hacks In Angularjs

To be able to allow secure access to legitimate users, there has to be an element of trust between the…

5 years ago

Secure your laravel app And website Using these Tips

Security is one of the most important and most challenging tasks faced by an A laravel developer. It’s not that…

5 years ago