Network Security


FTPS vs FTP vs SFTP – Explained

Often, the terms FTPS vs FTP vs SFTP will be exchanged as data management geeks converse in their tech groups.…

1 year ago

Types of Firewalls

Types of Firewalls There are three basic types of firewalls, and we'll consider each of them. Application Gateways The first…

2 years ago

Protect Your laravel App from bots and spammers

In this article i will show you how to protect your laravel app from bots and spammers . lets take…

5 years ago

Stopping malicious attacks and hacks In Angularjs

To be able to allow secure access to legitimate users, there has to be an element of trust between the…

5 years ago

Secure your laravel app And website Using these Tips

Security is one of the most important and most challenging tasks faced by an A laravel developer. It’s not that…

5 years ago