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Logging in symfony 2

To make our application more elegant while working in cron, we should implement logging to a file. Symfony2 supports some standard logs, through the...

Using Swiftmailer in symfony

  Symfony2 provides a default mailer component called swiftmailer. Its default configuration looks like this: # app/config/config.yml # ... #...

FOSJSRoutingBundle in symfony

When developing the JavaScript calls, developers can often face a problem with dynamically changing routing. Sometimes during the refactoring, some...

what are Fixtures symfony ?

After creating the database structure, it would be handy to prepare some test data. We can do this through fixtures. Unfortunately, Symfony2 does not...

what is sync() method in laravel ?

This is a really cool way to deal with many-to-many relationships. However, attaching and detaching things could be a little boring sometimes...

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