It is said that a PHP application is as good as the hosting solution that powers it. If you think about it, modern PHP applications, particularly those that are built on Laravel and Symfony ( two current superstars of the PHP framework world) depend heavily on server calls, responses and database queries. All these activities mean that the hosting infrastructure should be optimized for providing timely and consistent support to the PHP applications.

These days, deployment and server management has become an essential component of the PHP application development and maintenance. Web developers have to deal with Cpanel or Plesk on regular basis. Given the complexities and technicalities of these two options, it is easy to understand why web developers are looking for a solution where they could focus on the development process rather than worrying about server uptimes and related issues.

Cloudways Hosting to the Rescue

Cloudways is a managed cloud hosting platform that is designed from the ground up to be a developer friendly PHP web hosting solution. The platform takes care of the server management hassles while developers could focus on creating applications for their clients.

Since the platform is designed to be developer friendly, it integrates powerful features such as staging areas, powerful PHP stack, and streamlined application deployment processes. All these features come at the great price that makes Cloudways the preferred hosting solution for PHP developers. This price advantage is the result of the choice of top tier IaaS vendors including AWS, GCE, DigitalOcean. Vultr and Kyup.

Here is what the heart of cloudways PHP hosting- thunderstack looks like

Popular PHP Applications in Five Clicks

PHP applications such as WordPress, Magento and Drupal have become industry standard for efficiency and customizability. This is why these applications power a significant portion of the internet today. At Cloudways, these applications could be launched in just five clicks. Combined with the power of the top of the line IaaS vendors, developers have access to very dependable and robust PHP application hosting solution that is dev-ready in minutes. You can quickly signup at Cloudways with your social profiles or emails and follow the working demo:

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All Frameworks & CMS Welcomed

PHP frameworks come in all flavors; from huge ecosystems such as Laravel and Symfony to micro frameworks such as Slim, lumen and Silex, PHP developers could choose any framework that best fits the project requirements. Realizing and appreciating this diversity, Cloudways works equally well with all PHP frameworks.

In the case of Laravel, you could launch a stack application with Laravel pre installed to speed up the application development and deployment process. For symfony, launch a custom PHP stack application and install Symfony through Composer. This process takes just seconds and is applicable for all PHP frameworks, similarly developers could setup any PHP powered CMS through the simple composer install command.

Pre Installed Composer and Git

Cloudways understands the importance of Composer in PHP application development. This is why Composer comes pre installed with PHP stack application. Thus, unlike some PHP application hosting solutions, developers do not have to waste time by installing Composer first and then their framework and dependencies. At Cloudways, the process starts at application development, resulting in a much shorter dev and deployment cycle.

On a similar note, Git is fully integrated into the Cloudways platform. Application pull and push requests could be directly executed without wasting time in installing Git software. Because of pre installed Git support, developers could easily use third-party libraries and projects without wasting time and resources.

A Whole Lot of PHP Developer Friendly Features

Cloudways is a platform where PHP developers could develop, deploy and maintain PHP applications without worrying about the underlying server architecture. This is taken care of by Cloudways experts who ensure that the developers have the perfectly optimized server environment for their applications. This removes server management and maintenance issues for the developers.

Cloudways offers a centralized location where developers could view and set the status of all essential services such as:

  • Apache

  • Elasticsearch

  • Memcached

  • MySQL


  • Nginx

  • New Relic

  • Redis

  • Varnish

Security is an ever present concern for PHP developers. Server level security is handled by Cloudways where patches are applied promptly and IDS and malware shields are active round the clock. On the application level, Cloudways offer FREE SSL certificates by Let’s Encrypt add an additional security layer. These SSL certificates are applicable across subdomains so that developers only need a single certificate for all their subdomains.

Even when disaster does happen, developers could quickly bring their application back up, thanks to the Cloudways automated backup options. Developers have the option to schedule weekly, daily and hourly backups and could even opt for manual backups if the need arises.

Development is a team sport and Cloudways is the best playground for PHP development teams. The Platform offers extensive collaboration features that support distributed development teams. Team leaders could assign roles to team members who could use various permissions associated with these roles to carry out application development responsibilities.

Cron jobs are essential (and often minor) components of PHP applications. Cloudways offers smooth Cron job management so that developers could focus on more important aspects of the applications.

The custom developed Cloudways SQL manager streamlines database access and SQL query creation and execution.

Server transfer feature ensures that the developers are able to easily hand over finished projects to the clients without the need for complicated transfer processes involving multiple calls to the support.

Wrapping It All Up

PHP developers need a platform that offers streamlined application development and deployment without the hassles of server management. Cloudways is the ideal choice because of its support for top IaaS vendors, multiple data center locations and a host of developer friendly features.

If you wish to try out Cloudways PHP hosting features, Simple head over to the Signup page and Insert promo code DUNEBOOK to get $10 free Credit. You would be amazed at the ease and speed at which your PHP application is ready for client handover!