Complete Guide To models In laravel For Beginners

What is a Model?

The Model is that part of the Model-View-Controller design pattern that we can simply describe as the layer of the design pattern that handles the management of the data, which is received from the corresponding layers and then sent back to those layers. One thing to note here is that the Model does not know where the data comes from and how it is received.

In simple words, we can say that the Model implements the business logic of the application. The Model is responsible for fetching the data and converting it into more meaningful data that can be managed by other layers of the application and sending it back to corresponding layers. The Model is another name for the domain layer or business layer of an application.


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  • Ahmed el rakhawy

    Nice Tutorial .. thanks for the effort
    i just notice that the class name in the “$fillable ” example should be Blog not User

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