In this tutorial you will learn to build a Birthday Reminder app using angularjs and facebook so lets get started :)

Building on this, we will now see how to build an app that will consume Facebook’s open graph, Application Programming Interface (API), to display your friends’ upcoming birthdays.

We will also be learning about angularjs directives, and build our very first directive to implement Facebook’s authentication.

Before you proceed, make sure you are comfortable with the following features of angularjs:

  • Routes
  • Controllers and Partials
  • The concept of promise

You are also going to need to have a Facebook account with some friends in it who have agreed to share information with your app

Understanding the Facebook SDK

Facebook provides a Software Development Kit (SDK) for using the Facebook APIs in various platforms and languages. It has a wealth of information, sample codes, and “How-tos” to help you get started quickly with integrating Facebook into your application.


All this information is available at

Since we will be building a web application, we would be more interested in the JavaScript SDK available at

The Social Graph

The Social Graph is a mapping of different people and how they are related to each other within a network. Facebook uses this term to refer to the Facebook platform, which was introduced in May 2007. Within the Facebook Social Graph context, every person, page, photo, or comment is a node that is connected to each other with the relations they share.

The Graph API

The Graph API is the primary way of interfacing with Facebook’s Social Graph. The Graph API is a set of REST-based web services, using which you can query for the information you need, post information, upload videos, and so on.


The complete guide to using the Graph API can be found at