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Create a Newsletter platform in laravel


In this tutorial, we will cover an advanced newsletter system, which will use Laravel’s queue and email libraries. After this section, we will learn how to set and fire/trigger queued tasks, and how to parse e-mail templates and send mass e-mails to subscribers. The topics covered in this chapter are:

  • Creating a database and migrating the subscriber’s table
  • Creating a subscriber’s model
  • Creating our subscription form
  • Validating and processing the form
  • Creating a queue system to process the e-mail
  • Using the Email class to process e-mails inside the queue
  • Testing the system
  • Sending e-mails with the queue directly

In this tutorial, we will be using third-party services, which will require access to your script, so before proceeding, make sure your project is available online.

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  1. violator667 says

    You have a typo “[…]string(’email,100)->[..]” ‘ is missing after email

    1. Deven Rathore says

      let me see that btw thanks for pointing it out

  2. Scott Horsley says

    Still there..

    Great document though.


  3. elvis milas says

    What about iron.In when it expires (15 days trial) i can’t find how much does it cost….

  4. Linas says

    Iron.io sux, if you prefer iron.io, then I prefer using sendgrind, which has inbuild queues system inside their server, I only need to pass batch of emails. So then there is no point even of a queue. But I think best option for queue is beanstalkd and sync, which are free and dependant only on how you configure them.

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