In this tutorial you will learn to build a simple social networking app using Angularjs .To start, you’ll build a page showing the most recent posts. Posts will be anonymous until you add some authentication. so lets get started.. ;)

Creating a Static Mockup of the Recent Posts Page

The first step is to build a static mockup page with HTML and Bootstrap ( for styling. Create a new directory for your application and create a file called posts.html with the following HTML:

<!DOCTYPE html>
  <link rel="stylesheet" href="">
  <div class='container'>
    <h1>Recent Posts</h1>
    <ul class='list-group'>
      <li class='list-group-item'>
        <span>Node rules!</span>
      <li class='list-group-item'>
        <span>Trying out angular.js...</span>

Now open this HTML document in your browser. You should see the screen shown below I like to start building all Angular features following this approach, first by dropping static HTML into a page and then replicating it with dynamic Angular code.