Create TweetList component with reactjs

As you know, our Collection component has two child components: CollectionControls and TweetList.

We’ll first build the TweetList component. Create the following ~/snapterest/source/components/TweetList.react.js file:

var React = require('react');
var Tweet = require('./Tweet.react.js');

var listStyle = {
  padding: '0'

var listItemStyle = {
  display: 'inline-block',
  listStyle: 'none'

var TweetList = React.createClass({

  getListOfTweetIds: function () {
    return Object.keys(this.props.tweets);

  getTweetElement: function (tweetId) {
    var tweet = this.props.tweets[tweetId];
    var handleRemoveTweetFromCollection = this.props.onRemoveTweetFromCollection;
    var tweetElement;

    if (handleRemoveTweetFromCollection) {
      tweetElement = (
          onImageClick={handleRemoveTweetFromCollection} />
    } else {
      tweetElement = <Tweet tweet={tweet} />;

    return <li style={listItemStyle} key={}>{tweetElement}</li>;

  render: function () {
    var tweetElements = this.getListOfTweetIds().map(this.getTweetElement);

    return (
      <ul style={listStyle}>

module.exports = TweetList;

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