Create workbench packages in laravel 5.1

you can now create workbench in laravel 5.1 . since version 5 this feature has been depreciated in laravel but you can now easily create  workbench packages similar to laravel 4 with this package called Laravel 5 Workbench so lets get started with installation


You can install the package via composer command line by runnign this following command.

composer require pingpong/workbench

After the package installed, add PingpongWorkbenchWorkbenchServiceProvider to your providers array in config/app.php file.

And the last, publish the package’s configuration by running:

php artisan vendor:publish

Autoloading Workbench

You can autoload the workbench by adding this following command to your bootstrap/autoload.php file. Put this following command at the very bottom of script.

| Register The Workbench Loaders
| The Laravel workbench provides a convenient place to develop packages
| when working locally. However we will need to load in the Composer
| auto-load files for the packages so that these can be used here.
if (is_dir($workbench = __DIR__.'/../workbench'))

Creating A Package

Before you create a package, you need to update name and email config value in your config/workbench.php file.

Creating a basic package.

php artisan workbench vendor/package

Creating a package with generating some scaffold resources.

php artisan workbench vendor/package --resources

you must visit the official laravel documentation before creating any package

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