Creating a new view

Ideally, I’d call it a page, but as what we are building is a single-page app, we don’t technically have different pages. What we do have are views, wherein a view is nothing but a unique URL or route that is linked to a controller and its corresponding partial.

To create a new articles view/page using Yeoman, we simply need to run the following subgenerator command in the terminal:

yo angular:route articles

You’ll now notice that Yeoman has automatically performed the following set of actions:

  • Created a new controller named articles.js within app/scripts/controllers
  • Created a new partial named articles.html within app/views/
  • Created the files for unit tests within test/spec/controllers/articles.js
  • Modified the app/scripts/app.js file and added it in the routes for the articles view

Now, isn’t that a lot of manual work you have been saved from!

To know more about the list of generators and subgenerators available on your system, use the following command line:

yo –help

Yeoman also allows you to create your own generators. The following link gives out more information on how to create or extend a generator: