Deploy your Laravel applications Using these Easy methods

In this tutoroial, we will learn how to deploy Laravel applications. We will see different methods that you can use to deploy Laravel applications. Also, we will see the configuration changes that you might need to make on some of the popular web hosts in order to work your application on their environment.

Imagine you have finished all your features in a project, now you want to make it live. How can you do that? To deploy any Laravel application, you will need to perform following steps:

  • Creating production configuration
  • Creating a directory structure based on your web host
  • Uploading your Laravel application directory files
  • Creating a database in the production site and upload your local database on the production site
  • Giving proper permissions to your storage files
  • Setting up .htaccess based on your server

About the author

Deven Rathore

I'm Deven Rathore, a multidisciplinary & self-taught designer with 3 years of experience. I'm passionate about technology, music, coffee, traveling and everything visually stimulating. Constantly learning and experiencing new things.

  • Patrick Kriechbaumer

    you should never recommend chmod 777 in production environments!

    • Deven Rathore

      its true but when we have shared hosting like hostgator ! we need some folders like storage folder chmod 777

      • Patrick Kriechbaumer

        sorry, but then you should change your hoster – we also provide regular shared hosting and none of our customers have to use 777

        • Deven Rathore

          it may also depends on what type of web panel you are using !

          • Patrick Kriechbaumer

            yes, but 777 allows anon. access and access for guest users, so it should be avoided where possible. And current php implementations doesn’t require 777

          • Deven Rathore

            yup ! but in some conditions it may be required !

          • Andrew E

            Like when you want to get hacked by the Russians.

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