Elements of the cloud approach already in use

There are several kinds of cloud features we all use every day and it has already become quite traditional for us, so that we often do not realize that we are already using cloud technologies. The first one is cloud disks (cloud memory). Modern operating systems, for example, Windows 8/8.1, provide such features as Dropbox – a cloud disk space that can be used to back up the data stored on your computer. Many other toolkits, such as SkyDrive or Yandex.disk, provide an opportunity to create a named item of cloud disk space to share some piece of information with your colleagues, without the need for sending those data by email, just by sending a Web reference to the cloud disk space item you created. So, in fact, cloud disks are the first step to overall use of cloud technologies and making them ubiquitous. Using cloud disks in everyday practice greatly extends our opportunities to store and share big data over the Internet.

Another opportunity for a modern user is to use free cloud analogs of office applications. For example, to create or read a Microsoft Office file (.docx, .xslx, .pptx, etc.), it is not necessary to buy and install Microsoft Office. It is quite enough to use the Web site http://www.live.com, which provides a free cloud analog of Microsoft Office. Using this cloud office application, which has become quite popular right now, you can create, for example, a Word file, keep it in the cloud, and use it whenever needed, without spending your computer disk space to save it. Yet another set of examples of free cloud services are Web interfaces to email servers, e.g., Google mail (Gmail.com), Hotmail.com, or Mail.ru.

So using free cloud analogs of office applications extends our opportunities of document processing.

These are just a few examples to prove the usability of the cloud computing approach in many everyday situations of using computers.

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