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Network administrators, engineers, and security professionals must be able to recognize when an attack is underway or when one is imminent. It may seem like it should be easy to recognize an attack as it is happening—but only for the very “noisy” or overwhelming attacks such as denial-of-service (DoS) attacks. Many attackers fly under the radar and go unnoticed by security devices and security staff. By knowing how different types of attacks work, you can properly recognize and stop them.

You also need to know when an attack may be around the corner. If network staff is educated on attacker techniques and they see a ping sweep followed a day later by a port scan, they know their systems may soon be under attack. Many activities lead up to different types of attacks, so understanding these will help a company protect itself. The argument can be made that we now have more automated security products that identify these types of activities so we don’t have to see them coming. But, depending on the software, those activities may not be put in the necessary context and the software may make a dangerous decision. Computers can outperform any human on calculations and repetitive tasks, but we still have the ability to make necessary judgment calls because we understand the grays in life and do not just see things in 1s and 0s.

Hacking tools are really just software tools that carry out some specific types of procedure to achieve a desired result. The tools can be used for good (defensive) purposes or for bad (offensive) purposes. The good and the bad guys use the same exact toolset; the difference is their intent when operating these tools. It is imperative for security professionals to understand how to use these tools and how attacks are carried out if they are going to be of any use to their customers and to the industry

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