Everything You Need to Know About Progressive Web Apps

Have you ever heard of Progressive Web Apps or confused about the things you have heard about it?

Here in this article, we provide you with all the information you need about it.

Progressive Web Apps
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Progressive Web Apps are web applications that are usual web pages or websites but uses modern capabilities to deliver an app like experience to its users. In simple terms, we can say that these are a combination of mobile and web apps.

They appear like traditional applications or native mobile applications. The mobile app development in php  aims to combine features offered by all modern browsers along with the benefits of mobile experience.


Seeing the scope in this field, there are many web app development services developing progressive web apps. Progressive Web Apps solve the problem of distribution, does not require extensive technical languages and have become as capable as native contributing to the rise of web app development services.

 Features of Progressive Web App

  • Progressive – They are run for every user whatever the choice of browser and location may be of the user. So it does not matter if you are using Chrome, Explorer, or any other browser or are situated in India or Croatia, your progressive app would work. They have this feature because they have progressive enhancement as a core principle.   
  • Responsive – Progressive Web Apps can work from any device; be it a laptop, mobile, desktop, or a tablet.
  • Independent of the Extent of Connectivity – With the help of web app development services, progressive apps can even work on low connectivity or without any internet services.
  • No Hassle of New Updates – These apps are always fresh and up to date, you do not need to update it now and again like other apps and OS.
  • Feels Like an App – Built on the app shell model, it has all the features and interactions of a mobile app and navigates like an app.
  • Linkable, Installable and engageable – Progressive Apps can be easily shared via a URL and can be installed with ease on the home screen without an app store. Features like push notifications allow user engagement to be very easy.


Need for Progressive Web Apps over Native Apps

A native app is a smartphone app that is, developed for use on a particular platform or device. These provide optimised performance and take benefit of the modern technology as compared to web apps and mobile cloud apps.

It has features like high reliability, as native apps are built for a particular device, it has complete access to a phone’s hardware, fast and responsive performance etc.

But a progressive app is always better than a native app in some ways-

  • Progressive App is not downloaded on the device instead it is accessed via a web browser.
  • Web app uses a single code base as they are not designed about a specific device.
  • Progressive apps are fast and simple but are not as quick as native apps.
  • Majority of web applications are written in JavaScript, CSS, and standard HTML.
  • You have to download them before you even know if that app is worthwhile. The memory space and data available on the phone also become an issue.
  • Native apps are only downloadable via an app store, but when it comes to Progressive Apps there is no single store. They have carefully organised app stores to suit our needs.   


Progressive Web Apps are secure

Every Progressive Web App has a valid web manifest file, a registered service worker with a fetch event handler, and it should be served via HTTPS. These apps have minimised the steps between discovering an app and getting it on your home screen device.

Most of the popular and successful companies do Progressive Apps like Ola, Flipkart, Twitter, Alibaba etc.



Progressive Web Apps have the best advantage of cost saving in app development and maintenance as developing a website is much easier than making an Android App. Also, these are not restricted to a specific platform which saves you the tedious task of developing separate versions for different platforms.

Progressive Web Apps and its services are definitely the future of the modern technology.



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