Generate CRUD directly via command line in laravel

checkout this tutorial if you want create a simple crud application . further in this tutorial we will learn how to generate generate CRUD directly via command line in laravel  by using a new laravel package called Laravel 5 CRUD Generator


Laravel >=5.1
PHP >= 5.5.9 


  1. Run
    composer require t73biz/laravel5-crud-generator


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Deven Rathore

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  • Johan Marchan

    This seemed too good to be true and actually was. I tried to install crud-generator and got this in response: [InvalidArgumentException]

    Could not find package t73biz/crud-generator at any version for your minimum-stability (

    stable). Check the package spelling or your minimum-stability

    Please let me know if you know how to fix it

    • Deven Rathore

      it has stability problem with latest version of laravel ! actually its in development mode ! but all errors will fixed in next update ! i guess :)

    • Deven Rathore

      it has stability problems with latest version of laravel ! all errors will be fixed in next update i guess ! let me confirm it from author

      • Johan Marchan

        Thanks, I’ll keep checking

        • Deven Rathore

          hello ! problem has been solved ! try re-running the command

    • Deven Rathore

      i will be opening this issue at github

  • Hey All,
    I’m glad you like the package and there is interest. If you see any other issues or inclusions that you might like, let me know on the repo or here.

    • Deven Rathore

      sure & keep up the good work

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