Generate laravel api via command line in laravel 5.1


In this article you wil learn how to Generate laravel api via command line in laravel 5.1 . for this we will use a laravel package called laravel5-api-generator . this package Generates boilerplate for laravel REST API: migration, controller, model, request and route.  all credits goes to package author Artur Śmiarowski so lets get started with installation


composer require --dev asmiarowski/laravel5-api-generator

Add this to appProvidersAppServiceProvider inside boot() method:

if ($this->app->environment() == 'local') {

For POST / PUT data to work you either have to send your request with Accept: application/json header or set up json responses globally in app/Http/Requests/Request.php like so:

 * Overwrite Laravel Request method because API is always returning json
 * @return bool
public function wantsJson()
    return true;

Command syntax

php artisan make:api-resource <table_name> --schema="<column_name>:<column_type>(<arguments>):<option>(<arguments>); [...]" --softdeletes

Command options

–schema – required, schema of your migration, validators will be set based on fields and types specified.

–softdeletes – optional, add softDeletes() to migration

Column types

Custom types

– email – puts string type column in your migration and email validation for your request

Column options

foreign, index, unique, default, nullable, first, after, unsigned

Example command

php artisan make:api-resource emails --schema="email:email:unique; title:string; body:text; status:integer:default(1); user_id:integer:foreign(users)" --softdeletes






And appends resource routes to app/routes.php with pattern for id of the resource.

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