Generate vuejs files directly via command in laravel 5.1

So , i guess you are familiar with vuejs  , or if  not then in simple words vuejs is …


Write some HTML, grab some JSON, create a Vue instance, that’s it.


Expressions & computed properties with transparent dependency tracking.


Compose your application with decoupled, reusable components.


~23kb min+gzip, no dependency.


Precise and efficient async batch DOM updates.

Package Ready

Install via NPM or Bower – leverage your favorite eco system!


Find more at


So , here we are talking about laravel-vue-i18n-generator ,it Generates a vue-i18n compatible include file from your Laravel translations. in simple words this package that allows you to share your Laravel localizations with your vue front-end, using vue-i18n.

ok lets , install this via composer

In your project: composer require martinlindhe/laravel-vue-i18n-generator

In config/app.php providers:


Then generate the include file with php artisan vue-i18n:generate


Here is the basic usage of this package

djust your vue app with something like:

import Vue from 'vue';
import VueInternationalization from 'vue-i18n';

import Locales from './vue-i18n-locales.generated.js';

Vue.use(VueInternationalization, {
    lang: 'en',
    locales: Locales



The generator adjusts the strings in order to work with vue-i18n’s named formatting, so you can reuse your Laravel translations with parameters.


return [
    'hello' => 'Hello :name',

in vue-i18n-locales.generated.js:

    "hello": "Hello {name}",

Blade template:

<div class="message">
    <p>{{ trans('message.hello', ['name' => 'visitor']) }}</p>

Vue template:

<div class="message">
    <p>{{ $t('message.hello', {name: 'visitor'}) }}</p>

The generated file is an ES6 module & Pluralization don’t work with vue-i18n



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