Even if Homestead is a fantastic box, many people complain about some of its structural choices. As I mentioned previously, Vagrant is used to create virtual machines on a per-project basis. This means that, in an ideal situation, every project must have its own VM. Now, with Homestead, you can create a single VM and manage all your projects on it. Some people like this idea, and it is more familiar to the classical XAMPP approach. Quite familiar!

However, other people like a more pure approach to Vagrant. While doing some researches on this concept, I stumbled upon Homestead Improved (https://github.com/Swader/homestead_improved) by Swader, on GitHub.

It is an improved version of Homestead that you can install and run without saving files all around your user folder. A really good approach! Also, you won’t have to configure any SSH keys or execute apt-get update and composer auto-update. Everything will be done automatically.

If you want to use Homestead Improved, just open your terminal and type the following:

git clone https://github.com/Swader/homestead_improved.git MyHomesteadImprovedVM

Here, MyHomesteadImprovedVM will be the containing folder of all the VM’s files.

After the clone procedure, just type the following:

vagrant up

So, you’re done! Easier than before, isn’t it?