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How to Make Your IDE Look cooler using darkest dark

Benefit of using Dark theme

Did you Know ?

Darker color scheme are often used effectively in software that focuses heavily on visual content.

For example Adobe Lightroom, Adobe After Effects, Microsoft Expression Blend, and Kaxaml are interfaces that have a dark color theme. This allows the interface to fade into the background and let the content come alive.- source - stackexchange

Meet The Darkest Dark Theme for Eclipse

Darkest Dark Theme for Eclipse is A Free Eclipse Plugin created by Genuitec. If you are an eclipse user & haven’t switched to the Eclipse Dark theme because of its limitations, it’s time for a total eclipse with Genuitec Darkest Dark Theme for Eclipse. Darkest Dark is dark interface and syntax theme for eclipse . Darkest Dark is the best & beautiful dark theme currently available for eclipse .

Make Your IDE Cooler

so your IDE still has a bright colour theme? Then its Time make your eclipse IDE more cooler ,all you have to do is install this plugin & turn it on from Preferences>General>Appearance.

Productivity - Boosting features

  • Impressive dark UI without any extra setup
  • Simple to turn on and off from Preferences>General>Appearance.
  • Easily customized to your liking
  • Use with any other Eclipse color theme
  • Easier To Focus On Code
  • Higher contrast color seperate sections of code better
  • You are tired of how eclipse has looked for the last decade
  • Available for FREE

Modern & Flat Icons

Eclipse icons were designed for a light theme & this the main reason they don't look so great in eclipse dark color theme , BUT With dynamically replaced icons from Darkest Dark, Icons on a dark background looks amazing see the picture above .The update of Darkest Dark will include an Icons Designer that will allow you to choose which icons you want to see in your IDE.

Make Your IDE Cooler

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