Importance of The Meta Page Title in SEO

Do not skip this section, even if it sounds boring. I promise I won’t hammer you with techie-talk. The meta page title is the second most important factor in all of SEO.

When your website was first created, whoever was programming it had to fill in a section of the coding called the meta page title. If your web designer knows a thing or two about SEO, he or she will have paid special attention to this seemingly random bit of code that is a part of every website.

The reason this primitive bit of information matters so much is because search engines have, for a while now, considered the meta page title to be the one true description of a web page. The meta page title is like the headline of a newspaper story or the front cover of a book. It encapsulates a web page in about 15 words or fewer.

Google’s decision to make it such a huge factor in ranking websites is pretty arbitrary. They could have made the meta description tag, the meta keywords, or any other section of the website code the defining attributes of a website. But because they decided that this area matters so much, we are compelled to pay attention to it too.

It is your job to decide what your page title should be before asking your web designer or tech person to put it into your site’s code. But not to fear—when creating a meta page title, you need to know only the following three things:

• It needs to summarize what a web page is about in a simple way for the sake of visitors but also contain keywords so that Google knows which terms your website should rank for.

• Keep it to a maximum of 100 characters, although Google will show only 65 or so.

• After you’ve finished formulating it, send it to your web designer (or anyone who does your web work) and say, “Please make these words the meta page title of my site’s home page.”

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