We are going to build a browsable database of horse profiles. Visitors will be able to create pages for their horses and fill in basic information such as the name, date of birth, and breed of each horses. This application will implement the default Create-Retrieve-Update-Delete (CRUD) operations. We will also create an overview page with the option to filter horse by breed.

In this tutorial,we will  build a browsable database of horse profiles. for this we will be doing these stuffs

  • Plan the URLs and entities of your application
  • Troubleshoot common issues when getting started
  • Define routes and their actions, as well as models and their relationships
  • Prepare your database and learn how to interact with it using Eloquent
  • Use the Blade template language to create hierarchical layouts

The first step in creating a web application is to identify and define its requirements. Then, once the main features have been decided, we derive the main entities as well as the URL structure of the application. Having a well-defined set of requirements and URLs is also essential for other tasks such as testing.