Learn how to use SSL helper in CodeIgniter

In this Tutorial, we will use the CI third-party SSL helper to enforce an https or HTTP URI request and response between CI and the browser. This example will be constructed from the following helpers:

  • application/helpers/ssl_helper.php: The CI helper for SSL that implements SSL on the links.
  • application/controllers/helpersslexample.php: This controller loads the helper and implements SSL on the links. The helper is loaded in the constructor.
  • application/views/helper-ssl-view.php: This is the rendered view that SSL is implemented on.
  • Let us assume the URI to the project root is http://mydomain.com/myproject. http://mydomain.com/myproject/helpersslexample.


    The source code is provided with this book via URLs.

    The helper file

    This CI helper file implements the services described in the preceding section. This helper uses the built-in CI URL library and URL helper using the redirect CI URL helper function.

      <?php if ( ! defined('BASEPATH')) exit('No direct script access  allowed');
      if (!function_exists('force_ssl')) {function force_ssl(){ // get the CI instance to access the CI resources  $CI =& get_instance();// Change the base_url to have https prefix  
          $CI->config->config['base_url'] =str_replace('http://', 'https://',$CI->config->config['base_url']);
                if ($_SERVER['SERVER_PORT'] != 443){     // redirect CI to use https URI
            // so that ($CI->uri->uri_string() return 
            // the current URI with https prefix
      if (!function_exists('remove_ssl')) {function remove_ssl(){$CI =& get_instance();
          // Change the base_url to have http prefix  
          $CI->config->config['base_url'] =str_replace('https://', 'http://',$CI->config->config['base_url']);
          if ($_SERVER['SERVER_PORT'] != 80){// redirect CI to use http URI
            // so that ($CI->uri->uri_string() return 
            // the current URI with http prefix

    The controller file

    Now we will see how the controller loads the SSL helper and calls its function force_ssl to enforce the HTTPS URI request and response with the browser.

    class Helpersslexample extends CI_Controller {
        public function __construct() {
          // Loading the ssl helper
          // Enforce URI request of https 
          * Index Page for this controller.
        public function index()
    /* End of file helpersslexample.php */
    /* Location: ./application/controllers/helpersslexample */

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