In this article I have shared 7 best React open source Projects to ease your React app development The Best Choice of React tools & React projects can easily facilitate the working environment, leading to better productivity.


1. React Tv

React-TV is an ecosystem for TV based React applications (from the renderer to CLI for pack/build applications).  At the moment we’re focusing on WebOS and SmartTV.
React-TV’s aims to be a better tool for building and developing fast for TVs.

Popularity & stats

[Looking for maintainers] React development for TVs (Renderer for low memory applications and Packager for TVs)
Forks: 137
Stars: 1787
Open issues: 31
Latest tag: 0.4.3
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2. Gatsby

Gatsby is an awesome & blazing-fast static site generator for React. it can transform plain text into dynamic blogs and websites using React.js. there are many websites built using  Gtadby including Official reactjs Website

Popularity & stats

Build blazing fast, modern apps and websites with React
Forks: 6654
Stars: 40133
Open issues: 647
Latest tag: vundefined
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MJML is responsive by design on most-popular email clients, even Outlook. Write less code, save time and code more efficiently with MJML’s semantic syntax.  Component-based so you can Write high-level code thanks to reusable and extensible components.


Popularity & stats

MJML: the only framework that makes responsive-email easy
Forks: 650
Stars: 9778
Open issues: 46
Latest tag: v4.5.1
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4. react-blessed

A React custom renderer for the blessed library. Any of the blessed widgets can be rendered through react-blessed by using a lowercased tag title. Text nodes, on the other hand, will be rendered by applying the setContent method with the given text on the parent node.

Rendering a basic application

import React, {Component} from 'react';
import blessed from 'blessed';
import {render} from 'react-blessed';

// Rendering a simple centered box
class App extends Component {
  render() {
    return (
      <box top="center"
           border={{type: 'line'}}
           style={{border: {fg: 'blue'}}}>
        Hello World!

// Creating our screen
const screen = blessed.screen({
  autoPadding: true,
  smartCSR: true,
  title: 'react-blessed hello world'

// Adding a way to quit the program
screen.key(['escape', 'q', 'C-c'], function(ch, key) {
  return process.exit(0);

// Rendering the React app using our screen
const component = render(<App />, screen);

Popularity & stats

A react renderer for blessed.
Forks: 149
Stars: 3467
Open issues: 33
Latest tag: 0.6.1
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5.  Butter milk

A beautifully simple routing for React projects. Buttermilk has a highly flexible matching system, offering the following flavors of routing. Setting up buttermilk involves placing a <Router> component on your page and feeding it an array of route definitions.

A route should look like this:

  path: String | RegExp | Function,
  redirect: String?,
  render: Function?,  // note that this is required if "redirect" is not passed

Popularity & stats

beautifully simple isomorphic routing for React projects
Forks: 7
Stars: 104
Open issues: 6
Latest tag: 2.0.0
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6. React-Select

React-select is a whole new approach to developing powerful React.js components that just work out of the box while being extremely customizable.

Some main features include:

  • Flexible approach to data, with customizable functions
  • Extensible styling API with emotion
  • Component Injection API for complete control over the UI behavior
  • Controllable state props and modular architecture
  • Long-requested features like option groups, portal support, animation, and more

Popularity & stats

The Select Component for React.js
Forks: 3360
Stars: 18455
Open issues: 1325
Latest tag: v3.0.0
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7. Rekit

Rekit is a toolkit for building scalable web applications with React, Redux and React-router. It’s an all-in-one solution for creating modern React apps.

It helps you focus on business logic rather than dealing with massive libraries, patterns, configurations etc.

Open issues:
Latest tag:
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From the above list which is but a tip of the open-source React project iceberg, you can get a feel of how rich, diverse and powerful open-source Projects are. know any other React open-source projects? share with us using the comment section below!