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SEMrush is a top SEO tool that is available through the cloud. There is no extra software to download when you use this online SEO tool, and this allows you to log in from anywhere and access your SEO campaign. It provides a good selection of tools for building your SEO programs, but doesn’t offer useful tracking features that similar SEO tools have, like a journal for campaign management.

SEMrush’s Pro version offers keyword suggestion and keyword ranking. Using SEMrush, you can track up to 500 keywords over five campaigns. The tools available for keyword research can display a keyword’s search volume and help you gauge how well a keyword will perform on your site. The phrase match report will show you keywords related to prime keywords that can also help drive traffic to your site, but they may be less competitive, so it will be more possible to rank with them.

SEMrush can analyze the quality of your page’s backlinks and allows you to see the backlink anchor text. It also looks at your total number of backlinks and referring domains so you can track the backlinks that are working to drive traffic to your site. Achieving quality backlinks is an important part of search engine optimization. Backlinks work to establish trust in your website and build your site’s quality.

You can analyze some of your top competitors using SEMrush’s organic search feature. This allows you to see what strategies your competition is using. You can view their keyword rankings, see the value of their keywords and analyze content on their site. These strategies help you track your competition and get ideas for how to optimize your own site.

You can view detailed reports on almost all of your information from SEMrush. You can easily view a basic overview of your SEO program, or you can narrow your focus and get detailed information on one part of your campaign. Unfortunately, SEMrush does not provide historical data or allow you to brand your reports and export them as PDFs.

There are multiple ways you can contact SEMrush for help and support. The company website has a telephone number listed where representatives can be reached on business days from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Also available is an email form and a Skype number.

SEMrush Summary:

SEMrush offers strong competitor analysis and also provides useful tools in the other areas of SEO that we evaluated. It doesn’t offer many tools for tracking your program, but it is a good overall tool for analyzing your SEO as well as your competition’s.