Every journey has a beginning, and only a hero with the right equipment can attain a victory. Of course, there are no exceptions for the 21st century hero: the developer!

In order to avoid problems and fight the bad (and malfunctioning) code monster, the good code artisan will prepare everything necessary before the start.

A developer has to be comfortable with the tools they are going to use, and a good development environment can awesomely improve the process. So, before getting our hands dirty,we will discover how to deal with Composer and Homestead.

Composer is an awesome dependency management tool, which is used by many PHP projects around the world. Homestead is the official Laravel Vagrant box that lets you create a fully functional development environment on a dedicated virtual machine in a matter of minutes. Finally, we will cover the installation process of our very first Laravel project.

I know what you are thinking: you just want to write code, code, and more code.

Be patient for a little while: if you know the tools we are going to analyze, at the end of this chapter, you will feel an enormous difference.

Trust me.

  • Your Swiss Army Knife: Composer
  • Your safe place: Homestead
  • The new hideout: Homestead improved
  • A bonus tool: Adminer
  • Your best friend: Laravel
  • Your first project: EloquentJourney
  • wrapping up

Lets get started …