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  1. No link building posts. If you’re writing blog posts as a way to generate backlinks to your site or your company, forget it. Google is cracking down on that practice, and we don’t want to get caught up in one of their sweeps. You should rethink that strategy anyway, because one day it’s not only going to burn you, but will burn the people where your content resides.
  2. Your piece needs to be unique. The thing that killed guest posting for most people? The same articles and infographics being submitted to dozens of places over and over again. We don’t want variations of old articles, and we definitely don’t want reprints.

3 - Promotion . You can write about your projects . but we"ll prefer Accepting post about Opensource Project .  pLease keep in mind it should be useful for Other people :)

4 - Paid promotion - If you want to promote your product you can contact us directly via [email protected] or you can use  contact form  for more details


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