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In this tutorial we are going to create a Q&A web application. from scratch witl latest version of laravel  First, we  will learn to remove the public segment from Laravel, to be able to use some shared hosting solutions. Then, we will use a third-party extension for authentication and process access rights. Finally, we will make a question system which will allow commenting and answering questions, a tag system, upvoting and downvoting, and choosing the best answer. We will use pivot tables for question tags. We will also benefit from the jQuery Ajax requests at various places. The following are the topics that will be covered in this tutorial:

    • we will remove public segment from laravel ( not recommended)
    • Installing Sentry 2 and an authentication library, and setting access rights
    • Creating custom filters
    • Creating our registration and login forms
    • Creating our questions table and model
    • Creating our tags table with a pivot table
    • Creating and processing our question form
    • Creating our questions list page
    • Creating our question page
    • Creating our answers table and resources
    • Searching questions by tags