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Using the Notepad++ Hex editor

In this article, you will learn how to use notepad++ Hex editor. Notepad++ is one of the most preferred text editor and a source code editor with Microsoft Windows. A Hex Editor is a program that lets you examine, view, and modify the hexadecimal coded files. The name ‘Hex’ comes from hexadecimal which is a mathematical format for representing binary data.

Using the Notepad++ Hex editor

We will be installing the Hex Editor Plugin into Notepad++ by using the Notepad++ Plugins Manager. Plugin Manager is comfortable and suitable for installing and removing any plugins for Notepad++. Follow the steps below to install Hex editor in Notepad++.

Step 1. Click on Plugins then Plugin Admin like below:

Step 2. You will get a screen with plugin management, now all you have to do is search for Hex editor and click install on the button like below:

Step 3 –  Open any .exe file; In the image below, I have opened the Notepad++ setup in hex format. Once the file is opened, click on Plugins, then HEX-Editor and click on “View in HEX” like below and Your encoded Text will be converted to Hex.

Quick Tip: if you don’t find the hex editor plugin please update to notepad++ 7.6.6 or above and follow the above steps.

In case you are looking to change your Notepad++ appearance to something elegant and Dark, Check out the Best Notepad++ themes article.

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