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Vue v3.0.0-alpha.9 Released

Vue team has recently announced the release of Vue v3.0.0-alpha.9!

Vue has a large following of developers. It’s easy to use and can be picked up relatively quickly.

Evan You, the creator of Vue, previewed a new version of Vue during his keynote speech at Vue Toronto.

This release of Vue v3.0.0-alpha.9 fixes some major bugs including:

  • compiler-core – fix property shorthand detection
  • compiler-ssr – should pass necessary tag names for dynamic v-bind
  • runtime-core – empty boolean props
  • runtime-dom – patch xlink attribute
  • types –  app.component should accept defineComponent return type

A complete List of Bug fixes can be found Here.

Feature Changes

  • compiler-core: wrap slot functions with render context
  • compiler-sfc: added SSR option
  • runtime-core: add a special property to get class component options
  • runtime-core: implement RFC-0020
  • runtime-core: set context for manual slot functions as well
  • server-renderer: render suspense in vnode mode
  • ssr: compiler-ssr support for Suspense
  • ssr: hide comment anchors during hydration in dev mode
  • ssr: improve fragment mismatch handling
  • ssr: support getSSRProps for vnode directives
  • ssr/suspense: suspense hydration
  • types: export ErrorTypes

Breaking Changes

  • runtime-core: data no longer supports object format (per RFC-0020)
  • runtime-core: RendererOptions.patchProp arguments order has changed

You can Expect Release of stable Vue 3 very soon, the roadmap shows the official release is planned in Q1 2020

The Complete changelog can be found on Github.

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