Why you shouldn’t work at a startup ?

So far, about start ups has made it sound like startups are better than established companies in every way. They aren’t. Startups have many problems of their own, some of them far worse than big companies. In fact, startups are all about extremes: the highs are much higher and the lows are much lower.

Joining a startup is not for everyone. Founding a startup is for even fewer people. In this section, I’ll present some of the drawbacks to the startup world, including the fact that it’s not glamorous, that you’ll have to sacrifice a lot, and that you probably won’t get rich. I’ll also discuss some of the trade-offs between joining someone else’s startup and founding your own.


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Deven Rathore

I'm Deven Rathore, a multidisciplinary & self-taught designer with 3 years of experience. I'm passionate about technology, music, coffee, traveling and everything visually stimulating. Constantly learning and experiencing new things.

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