Technology advancements have brought epic inventions that have greatly influenced the life of many. Android smartphones have become an intrinsic part of our lives, they act as our ‘ Best friends’ in keeping our secrets in check and out of the insensitive notorious people who like messing with people’s phones.

Our smartphones have become mainly a part of us for they are portable devices that we carry along in whichever place we go, name it even in the washrooms. But what if your phone is open to any person to access and go through your messages, phone contacts, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and even Google drive?

Obstruction of our privacy is something no one entertains even if it is your siblings or your parent who has gone through your stuff. We all have a right to privacy and we expect others to give that peace to us. But this can be the opposite if your privacy is violated especially on your phone.

Good news to all Android smartphone users for the worry of people going through their phones has come to a stop.

There are App Locks on Google Play Store where you can download and install in your phones. These App Locks are way cool and you can even lock not only the phone on the main screen but also every application in your phone, for example, Instagram App.

Here are the 17 Best App Lockers for Android phones you could take into consideration.

1. Perfect  App Locker

This Android App Locker is very eligible in securing your private data, applications such as Instagram as well as your phone settings. Perfect App Locker aids in giving the user the option to select from pin, gesture or pattern when locking the screen. It has nice features such as Watchdog which takes a quick picture of the intruder after the person has failed in an attempt to unlock the phone thrice. For Android users, you can start using this Android App Locker remotely by use of SMS Command.

  1. Pros of Perfect App Locker
  • One can either chose pin, gesture or pattern when locking the screen.
  • Has a watchdog which takes a quick shot of the intruder.
  1. Cons of Perfect App Locker
  • Can only be used by Android users.

2. ES App Locker

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This Android App Locker is very easy to use and has epic features that can be helpful. It has a  unique feature that aids in protecting apps, videos and also hiding photos. With ES App Locker ypu can block access to each app individually.

2.0.1. Pros of  ES App Locker

  • It has features that help to lock apps, videos, and photos on your phone.
  • Each App can be locked individually thus keeping away intruders.

2.0.2. Cons of  ES App Locker

  • It can be confusing if someone places different patterns on individual apps.

3. Knock Lock

Well, the name Knock says it all. All you got to do is Knock on your screen using the pattern you prefer, in order to unlock it. Knock Lock prevents miss diallikng, accidental calling or butt calling. The unique feature it has is the Lock screen that has a custom date and HD wallpapers on the time format.

3.0.1. Pros of using Knock Lock

  • Provides HD wallpapers that can be chosen at any time for the beauty of the phone.
  • Has custom date and time which gives a new look to the Lock screen.

3.0.2. Cons of  Knock Lock

  • One can easily forget the pattern, pin or password.

4. MaxLock

MaxLock App is ad-free and can be downloaded on Google App Store. It relies on Xposed Frameowrk and uses the battery to carry outits work. It also has greater performance in event recognition. It aids in securing the smartphone with the use of Pin, Pattern, password or Knock Code. Has a  Fake Crash feature that is eligible for spoof crashing locked apps.

4.0.1. Pros of MaxLock

  • Has a Fake Crash feature capable of spoof crashing locked apps.
  • It secures videos,  photos, and other phone settings securely.

4.0.2. Cons of using MaxLock

  • If the Xposed Framework is not working, the phone will be overwhelmed by the data fed to it.

5. Finger Security

This App locker has a great history in its services. Has amicable features that aid in locking of the phone. Finger Security brought up the FingerPrint app lock f feature on Android phones which are preferred by many users. It has password or Pin features which can be used if the Fingerprint is not in service. This App Locker also can take a picture of the person trying to intrude your phone. You can also set the background of your phone by putting an image on the Lock Screen.

5.0.1. Pros of Finger Security

  • It can be used in devices in which the Fingerprint App is supported.
  • Uses pins, passwords, and patterns that can be used to Lock the screen.

5.0.2. Cons of Finger Security.

  • It can limit people who use Android devices in which the Fingerprint app is not supported.

6. KeepSafe App Lock.

This Android App locker has epic features for your phone. This App lock is ad-free, has the ability to lock individual applications and also keep your gallery safe from intruders. Has a pattern/fingerprint or pin that can be preferebalyy used to Lock your phone.

6.0.1. Pros of using KeepSafe App Lock

  • One can use either Pin, pattern on the fingerprint to lock the screen.
  • Indiviadual applications can also be locked to keep away intruders.

6.0.2. Cons of KeepSafe App Lock.

  • The pattern, pin or password that locks Individual applications can easily be forgotten.

7. Privacy Knight App Lock.

This is also an ad-free application on the Google App Store. It is well recommended for only Android phone users worldwide due to its unique features. You can lock your apps, gallery bu use of pattern, pin or a Face Unlock. Has a Secret Door which helps in emulating the app by changing its icon. Your browsing history will not be open to any intruder because it can be deleted just by tapping. It also hides notifications that may pop-up. Privacy Knight App Lock takes a quick snap of any intruder.

7.0.1. Pros of Privacy Knight App Lock

  • Can easily take a shot of the intruder.
  • It locks videos, photos and any phone settings from intruders.

7.0.2. Cons of Privacy Knight App Lock.

  • The browsing history can lead to deletion of important information.

8. Private Zone-App Lock & Hide Pics.

This Android App Locker is able to secure all applications, videos, pictures in the gallery as welllas lock your Android device. You can lock your phone by the use of a digital password or pin. has a Parental Lock that aids in keeping keeps away from installing and playing games as well as buy goods online. Your browsing history is kept secret and can be cleared by just a single tap.

8.0.1. Pros of Private Zone –App Lock & Hide Pics.

  • Has a Parental Lock which keeps check of children’s actrivities when using the phone.
  • The browsing hisroty can be kept a secdret from any intruder.

8.0.2. Cons of  Private Zone-App Lock & Hide Pics.

  • Clearing the browsing history can distort other phone settings.


9. Norton App Lock

If you are having a problem securing your information on your phone, this is the App for you. It is able to lock all applications as well as private information on your phone. To lock, you can use either a pattern,  lock screen, Pin or password. Norton App lock also aids in securing your videos and photos in your gallery by locking them safely. It has an added layer of security that helps in securing personal, financial data from intruders.

9.0.1. Pros of Norton App Lock

  • Provides a choice of either using Pin, password or patteen to unlock the phone.
  • Secures  all the data in the phone from intruders

9.0.2. Cons of Norton App Lock

  • Can be only available for Android users.

10. CM App Lock

CM App Lock offers a great service in locking your Android phone. It also protects your phone from a virus as well as other features that can affect the phone. This Android App locker clears your phone in a second to enable efficiency of the device.

10.0.1. Pros of CM App Lock

  • Protects the phone from virus
  • Has unique features that securely locks the phone fro intruders.
  • Can take a quick snap of the intruder.

10.0.2.Cons of CM App Lock.

  • One can easily forget the pattern, password or Pin used to unlock the phone.

11. Smart App Lock Pro

This App locker for Android has features that enable you to lock individual applications, incoming calls, settings, and private information. To lock your phone, you can choose to use a pattern, password, pin or fingerprint( in devices that have a fingerprint scanner). Rakes a shot of the intruder’s face and sends the image to your e-mail address. Smart App Lock Pro can emulate Applock to a secret Dialer when changing icons.

11.0.1. Pros of  Smart App Lock Pro

  • It is easy to use.
  • Locks videos, images, and other personal information securely from intruders.

11.0.2. Cons of  Smart App Lock Pro

  • The pattern, password or Pin set to lock the screen can easily be forgotten.

12. Secure Lock For Apps

This App Locker for Android is highly recommendable to lock applications and secure personal data. When you have forgotten your password you can reset the passcode. This App locker can be used in devices which support Fingerprint password. Your information cannot be shared or deleted by a third party without your consent. This App locker is ad-freee and very easy to use for your device.

12.0.1. Pros of Secure Lock  For Apps

  • It is efficient for an Android device.
  • Can be used in devices that support Fingerprint scanners.
  • It is ad-free.

         12.0.2. Cons of Secure Lock For Apps

  • Can limit users who do not have devices that support Fingerprint scanners.

13. App Lock App Locker

This is the safest App Locker to secure all your applications and confidential information. You can set a password, pattern, pin or fingerprint  ( if you are using Android 6.0 or above.)With this App locker, you have the choice to customizwe your background as well as hide videos, photos in your gallery. App Lock App Locker aids in revealing the dace of the intruder who obstructed your privacy.

13.0.1. Pros of AppLock App Locker

  • Can use pattern, password, pin or even fingerprints.
  • Securely locks personal data, videos, and images from the intruder.
  • Takes a quick snap at the intruder.

13.0.2. Cons of Applock App Locker

  • The password or pattern can easily be forgotten.

14. LOCX App Lock

Looking for an Android App locker for your applications, messages, videos, and images? LOCX App Lock is the solution. It has features that are eligible in securing your personal data from intruders. It keeps videos and photos in a video vault hence cannot be accessed. Allows you to lock the gallery, phone settings, contacts as well as messages. It is very fast and thus takes less space on your Android phone.

14.0.1. Pros of LOCX App Lock

  • Securely locks all the personal data away from the intruders.
  • Its uses less space.

14.0.2. Cons of LOCX App Lock

  • Sometimes the user can easily forget the pattern, password or pin used for unlocking the phone.

15. ZUI  Locker

ZUI  Locker offers easy functionality features to Android users. You don’t need much straining when using it. Has a higher functional and responsive capability. This Android App locker has beautiful wallpapers and control system that secures your personal data from intruders. Has intuitive user menu that gives information about the intruder such as the image.

15.0.1. Pros of ZUI locker

  • Easy to use.
  • Has an above average functionality.

15.0.2. Cons of ZUI  Locker       

  • The intuitive menu can fail to give accurate information if its default.

16. Go Locker

Go Locker is a multifunctional screen-locking application that is available on Google App Store for your Android devices. Has a variety of graphic themes. Has a number of settings that you need to configure in order to lock your screen and applications from intruders. It has visual unlocking effects and has password protection to keep away intruders.

16.0.1. Pros of Go Locker.

  • Has a password protection
  • Easy to use.
  • Locks all the personal data safe.

16.0.2. Cons of Go Locker

  • The password protection can lead to a hard time unlocking the phone if it’s faulty.

17. Picturesque Lock Screen

This App locker for Android has decorative features that enable change of backgrounds and themes. It is very efficient in locking screens, applications and you can lock your screen by use of password, pin, pattern or fingerprint. ( in supported devices only).

17.0.1. Pros of Picturesque Lock Screen.

  • Securely locks personal information from intruders.
  • It is efficient and effective in locking the screen.

            17.0.2. Cons of Picturesque Lock Screen.

  • One can sometimes forget the pattern, pin or password if using devices that do not support fingerprint scanners.


It is true that individuals feel violated when their private information is seen by another person. As human beings we all need privacy. The above mentioned App Locker for Android provides security to all applications and personal data from an intruder.