If you’re looking for the best hosting provider for your Gatsby app, look no further! This blog post will discuss the top Gatsby app hosting providers that are perfect for Gatsby apps.

The blog post will also highlight the features of each Gatsby App Hosting Provider so that you can choose the best match for you. So, what are you waiting for? Start reading to learn more about the best Gatsby hosting providers out there!

1. Netlify

Netlify enables you to publish web projects from Git repositories without complex setups and server maintenance. Push your code to a Netlify-enabled Git repository, and their servers will build and deploy the task for you.

You can use Netlify with any static site generator, including Hugo, Jekyll, VuePress, React Static, GatsbyJS, and more. The platform is open-source, so you can deploy Netlify sites wherever you want.

Netlify is the fastest way to build and deploy modern web projects. It offers a simple, seamless workflow that lets you focus on what matters: shipping your site.


  • Automatic HTTPS
  • Atomic deploys. Instant, one-click rollback to any version
  • Background functions up to 15min
  • Password Protection in Pro plan
  • Handles Forms and Authentication (Netlify Identity)
  • CDN-side Analytics.

2. Gatsby Cloud

Gatsby Cloud is a cloud platform specifically built for building, previewing, and deploying Gatsby websites. Your site is built & deployed in real-time on a global Edge network that provides millisecond load times for site visitors around the world.


  • Optimized for fast Gatsby builds.
  • Preview content in seconds.
  • Integration with multiple headless CMSes.
  • Easy deploy to third-party CDNs (Netlify, Fastly, Firebase, AWS S3, Google Storage Vercel, Azure).
  • Support for Serverless Gatsby Functions.

3. Surge

Surge provides an easy path for the developer to deploy projects on a high-quality CDN. It offers many features that are found on Netlify, such as atomic deploys and instant cache invalidation. It is integrated with However, and it is not without its drawbacks. The biggest one is the lack of a free plan.


  •  It is 100% free, for the most parts!
  • Easy Setup and Deployment
  •  custom domains
  • Free SSL
  • Automatic Gzipping
  • Custom Redirects
  • Collaboration

4. Render

Render is a top-rated site rendering platform. Developers love it for its ease of deployment, static sites being free up to 100GB per month, and no downtime. You can also test changes and view them before publishing. Its global CDN is fast, secured, and reliable


  • Sites are easily deployed on Render
  • Static sites are free up to 100GB per month, after which you begin to pay $0.1/gb
  • Pay per use billing method
  • No downtime instance
  • It allows you to test changes and view them before publishing
  • Its global CDN is speedy, secure, and reliable and delivers the best user experience

5. GitHub Pages

GitHub Pages is a powerful platform for developers to host static sites. It’s simple to use and has many features that can help make your workflow more efficient. But despite its popularity, many developers still don’t know how to use it to its full potential.


  • GitHub pages is free
  • GitHub has many features that can help you be more productive. It’s perfect for collaborative workflows.
  • The GitHub community is vast and very active. There are tons of resources available
  • Automatic HTTPS
  • Integration with GitHub
  • Custom domains

6. Vercel

Vercel is a fantastic platform that allows you to deploy your React applications quickly. It offers JAMStack and Static website deployment; it requires no configuration and works with any type of web framework.


  • Automatic HTTPS
  • Atomic deploys. Instant, one-click rollback to any version
  • Real user metrics Analytics
  • Generous free plan

7. Cloudflare pages

Cloudflare pages is a JAMstack platform for frontend developers to collaborate and deploy websites. Cloudflare Pages is one of the most interesting solutions for Jamstack projects.


  • Automatic HTTPS
  • Atomic deploys. Instant, one-click rollback to any version
  • Password Protection
  • Workers KV database
  • CDN-side Analytics


So, there you have it! The top 7 Gatsby hosting providers. We hope this blog post helps you choose the best provider for you and your website.