Whether you are a website designer, online store owner, blogger, or web hosting service provider, you understand the importance of a fast and powerful website. While website design and beauty are highly subjective, website speed and performance directly affect its effectiveness. Unknown to most people, the storage technology deployed by web hosting service providers significantly influences website speed and general ROI.

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As such, you shouldn’t compromise your site performance by focusing on finding an affordable web hosting service provider. Web hosting technology is fast approaching, with trends like NVMe hosting shaking the marketing. NVMe(Non-Volatile Memory Express) hosting is a new SSD protocol that secures short response time and fast processing speeds. Unlike volatile memory, such as cache memory and RAM, NVMe retains data even during power outages, making it a safer option.

Below are the reasons you should consider NVMe for your site hosting.

1. Powerful Performance

The most promising benefit of upgrading to NVMe hosting is its unmatched speed and improved site performance. Unlike conventional storage solutions, NVMe communicates using PCIe protocols, bypassing the traditional SATA bus. As such, hosting solutions based on NVMe SSD protocols are considerably faster than standard alternatives.

Additionally, NVMe drives handle multiple input/output operations, more than the ATA interface typically used by first-generation drives, such as SAS and SATA technologies. NVMe drives support 64,000 IOPs, making NVMe-based hosting solutions more than six times faster than conventional HDD-based hosting solutions. Because of this, NVMe hosting also supports multiple databases, sites, email accounts, and large storage without latencies.

2. Energy Efficient

Despite the powerful performance, NVMe drives are very energy efficient. The combination of low power demands and high performance is certainly every web hosting provider’s dream. Low-energy demands make NVMe a green solution to web hosting in the current era of increased awareness of environmental conservation efforts.

Several studies have confirmed that SSDs are more energy efficient than HDDs. NVMe SSDS builds on this by leveraging the energy-efficient SATA-based SSDs. NVMe drives combine an intelligent queueing system with a workload allocation system to reduce energy consumption. When on standby, NVMe drives cut down energy consumption by almost 97%.

3. Keeps Site Data Safe

As mentioned, NVMe SSDs are non-volatile. This means your hosting platform won’t lose data even after an unexpected power outage. That aside, command sets of NVMe SSD technology are created with existing security container commands of ATA, SAS, and ACS interfaces. This makes NVMe hosting storage solutions compliant with the current industry-standard data security requirements.

This cannot be compared with volatile memory storage solutions, which rely on a steady power source to retain information. NVMe is naturally permanent and safeguards data even when the system is switched off.

4. Saves Time and Money

While NVMe hosting is more expensive than shared hosting, it assures a powerful performance and saves costs in the long run. If you are running a successful business, it reaches a point where upgrading your hosting plan is the only straightforward and cost-efficient way of improving site performance.

You should consider upgrading to VPS hosting from shared hosting for better performance, security, and scalability. If your business picks up and expands rapidly, you should move into a managed dedicated server, which is costly but worth it. Shifting to NVMe eliminates the costs and troubles of regular upgrades.

5. Increase Site Conversions

The challenge of increasing site traffic is increasing minute by minute. Unfortunately, you should increase website speed to stand out from the competition. With the increasing use of mobile devices, most site visitors expect websites that load faster. Using standard SSDs means slow site load times, making it difficult for websites to convert.

The main solution to increasing site conversion is improving your website loading speed. Fast websites tend to make visitors stay longer and explore other site pages. To maximize traffic conversion, you should work with a hosting provider who assures fast loading times. Fast hosting delivers site pages to visitors with minimum latency.

Improved site speed and performance significantly improve user experience.  With short response time and better queueing, both your employees and consumers/visitors get their work done quickly. This improves productivity and revenue.

6. It is Future Proof

While NVMe hosting isn’t used widely compared to other hosting storage solutions currently, it has all the signs of withstanding future technologies. As NVMe technology evolves, more businesses will likely adopt flash-based storage systems that use NVMe SSDs. The idea of enjoying a powerful system with less power is certainly appealing. As such, it won’t be a surprise when NVMe drives replace widely used storage solutions.

The Bottom Line

NVMe SSD is undoubtedly the next-generation web hosting storage solution that provides high performance and saves energy and costs. If you are evaluating your website infrastructure, you should consider and prioritize NVMe SSD. While it is quite pricey, it is worth the associated costs.