Most people who directly work with visuals have at least once encountered difficulties when looking for a universal platform where they can purchase a quality product. Often, it is not enough to find just one platform to find all the ready-made design elements you need. And searching for different types of products on dozens of platforms takes a lot of time, which can be used for other purposes.

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However, there are also marketplaces where all the necessary categories for working with visuals are collected. As an example of such a platform, consider MasterBundles – a universal marketplace with a large number of templates, fonts, stock photos, and other graphic elements. What are its main advantages?

Advantages of MasterBundles over other platforms.

  1. One of the principles of the platform is the following rule: “Perfect design should not be costly”. That is why all products presented on the marketplace are not overpriced. On the contrary, most items are sold in very good value sets. For example, a pattern that costs $20 separately can be purchased in a set with four graphic design patterns at the same price. And there are more than two thousand examples of such profitable sets on the site. This makes a quality product available to the average user.
  1. MasterBundles creates opportunities for work and development. The marketplace does not limit its activity exclusively to the sale of a finished product. In addition, the platform offers favorable conditions for cooperation with designers who want to develop and earn from their creative solutions. To do this, you just need to create a quality product, add it to the marketplace and wait for sales.
  2. The platform promotes passive income. In addition to working with designers, MasterBundles supports an affiliate program that offers a commission of 15% from the sale of a product purchased through a referral link. You need to promote the selected product on your blog or social networks and wait for successful sales. This way you can create useful content, for example, recommend texture images to your audience, and at the same time receive a passive share from purchases of that product.

Who is this platform for?

As you can see, MasterBundles isn’t just about selling graphic design elements. Who else can effectively use the platform in their work?

  • First of all, this marketplace is ideal for designers of any level. Beginners can easily sell their work here, develop and earn. More advanced designers use MasterBundles as a resource with a large number of ready-made solutions. Instead of spending time creating a wedding invitation, the creator can choose an interesting solution from various design templates.     
  • Also, MasterBundles is suitable as a source of inspiration and ready-made unique graphic products for social media managers and marketers. In general, any specialists related to the field of content will find everything they need to create successful media elements on this platform.
  • Business owners whose activities are related to the customization and design of clothes or anything else can also use this marketplace to their advantage. To create a unique design, you can use the available sets of SVG files. Based on them, it is easy to implement ideas with the design of goods and get an author’s product.

Products presented on the platform

MasterBundles offers all options of graphic design elements. Here you can find everything from fonts to entire sets of presentation templates. We suggest you look at the most popular categories:

Templates for absolutely everything. 

This category includes dozens of subcategories, as ready-made solutions can be found on this marketplace for any task and platform. The most famous products are templates for presentations and everything related to social networks, such as stories on Instagram or screensavers on YouTube.

Stock photos on various subjects. 

In addition to various graphic elements, the platform offers thematic selections of stock photos for various needs. For example, among the categories of this section, you can find stock vector images, photos on various topics, prints, etc.

Graphic products for various needs. 

This is the largest category in the marketplace. It features thematic patterns, illustrations, background images, textures, and designer logos. This category is useful for all content creators, designers, and business owners.


MasterBundles is a good example of an all-in-one marketplace for visual professionals. It includes both a quality product and opportunities for development and passive income. The platform will be useful in various aspects of working with content and will help save a lot of time.