While writing an essay, every student wants to make it look great and represent all the thoughts they would like. Nonetheless, the grammar issue always comes first when you start writing an essay.

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Of course, buying a cheap custom essay affordable paper is a great option, and you can forget about any issues at all.But what about the ones who don’t want to use the opportunity to get an affordable paper, but want to test their power and complete an essay themselves. This way, they have to be aware of different major and minor mistakes, that can spoil the overall look and style of their work.

Today, we are going to take a closer look at the best applications for writing essays, and see, why it is important to use them while writing.

 Grammarly As The #1 Choice

Talking about Grammarly, each writer or editor can describe it as the best essay writing software for many students. This application is free, and you are able to see all the mistakes you have in your text, including different stylistic issues, that can spoil the impression of your essay.

First, Grammarly is about correcting different mistakes. This app checks your text, underlining different mistakes with red, so you will recognize them. It underlines not only spelling mistakes but also shows you missing commas, which is really important for the majority of students. You don’t have to peer to find any minor issues.  

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The main benefit is that the mistakes are corrected in only two clicks. You have a chance to see, whether it is a real mistake or the application is mistaken. For many students, who often miss commas, it is important, because such a minor issue can affect your overall grade for the paper.

Of course, this application will not have your paper written. It only gives suggestions. However, if you want to get all the advantages of using Grammarly, try buying the Premium Subscription. This way, you will be able to see pieces of advice on how to improve the look of your paper, and what should be excluded. And it is a fair price for having your paper perfect.

Moreover, Grammarly can be called an essay grading software, due to the fact it gives an evaluation of your writing, claiming the tone of your paper. Installing it, you will assist yourself with writing any paper.  

But keep in mind, that it is only AI, which does not write your text from the start. And sometimes it can be mistaken, so use it as a helper, but not as a guide. The app is available on both PC and Mac, so you will never miss it.

LanguageTool As A Great App For Keeping Style Correct

LanguageTool is a great essay editing software, that allows you to see more mistakes than Grammarly does. In fact, you notice more stylistic mistakes, which might be influential for the final mark.

For example, this application would show you if there are too many words in your text. Don’t think that it ignores different grammar issues. Sometimes it might seem that it sees more different misspelling issues than Grammarly does. But it doesn’t. The amount of recognized mistakes remains the same for both applications.

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But why LanguageTool is not the best program for using it alone? It has some minor issues. For instance, some obvious mistakes can be ignored here, while Grammarly recognizes them immediately, so you can start editing. Missing commas were also targeted and underlined for you in yellow color. It is a minor issue, because yellow usually tells about some minor mistake, and thinking about that, many novice users of LanguageTool can ignore it. And it does not provide scoring of your paper, which is also not that great.

However, using LanguageTool combined with Grammarly would let students have the best experience of writing an essay. LanguageTool becomes a great solution and gives you pretty enough space for your work.

 FreeMind For Mind-Mapping

The creation of a mind-map is really important, especially for working in a team. FreeMind gives you an opportunity to share your mind-map, so that, you will be able to create a diagram of your thoughts, which would represent the workflow of your essay.

Using this application, you will be able to create a plan for your essay and share it with your tutor. For this reason, you will be able to provide your structure and overall ideas to start brainstorming and grading the overall idea of your work.

Nonetheless, if you have multiple essays to be written, FreeMind comes in handy for the creation of a proper schedule for writing your papers and lets you plan each one individually. You will not be able to automate your work, but it would be much easier to create a logical sequence.

Having some unique approach, you can attach your mind-map to your paper to show how the idea was generated in your mind, and what inspired you the most to have the paper done. With this app, you become a real engineer of your mind.

 Canva For Creating Visual Content

The best way to enhance your essay is to provide your examiner with an opportunity to see some presentation of your work or add some photos to the paper you have written. Canva will be the best way to do that.

The application is simple for beginners, so you will not spend hours learning how it works.

Premium Subscription is not important here, though it provides you with a number of useful options for the creation of unique images. This way, you will be able to improve your paper with images supporting your thoughts and create some diagrams and graphic content to represent some dynamics of described events.

  What Is The Best Essay Writing Software?

Choosing the best essay writing software is not a simple task. Everything depends on the main aim of using the app. Some give you the ability to edit your paper, while others help you enhance your work with some additional content.

Pay attention to the applications in this article to make sure that your paper would get the highest mark possible.