And how do you store recipes? Do you keep them in mind, in a separate book, notebook, bookmarks on the Internet? There is another great way: use convenient free templates for Google Docs and design your collection of recipes in a beautiful style of your choice.

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The layouts developed by professional designers are very easy to edit. You just need to copy the template, and then add your own information and photo as desired.

We have selected for you the best Google Docs Recipe Templates that you can use for free.

Recipe Template

The template contains three blocks for text. The top one shows the name of the dish, as well as the preparation and cooking time. The middle block contains the required ingredients list, in which each of the items is highlighted with asterisks. Below, there’s a description of the cooking process, where you can also add your own experience tips.

Recipe Brewing Template

The layout is perfect for a drink recipe. The designer chose a color range expressly for coffee, but you can easily adapt the template to any dish. Simply replace the coffee bean photo with one that matches your recipe, then edit the background tone. Make sure that the text is still read well after your changes.

Recipe Halloween Template

Use this bright themed template for festive Halloween recipes. Although the card itself describes how to make a traditional pie, don’t stop there! The layout is designed to be easily changed for any recipe of main dishes, snacks, drinks, desserts.

Recipe Cooking Template

This universal template will be of use for any food or drink recipes. In the layout, you can place a step-by-step description of the cooking process and the ingredients list. As a matter of convenience, each item in the list is marked.

Recipe Card Template

This is a great template for a family recipe book. The layout is divided into several parts. The name of the dish, the type of cuisine it belongs to, the preparation and cooking time are indicated on the left. On the right, there is a list of ingredients and recipe details.

Recipe Jar Template 

This stylish layout has unusual fonts and structure that make it stand out from others. The main focus is on a large photo of the finished dish, placed in the center. Sidelong of the photo, there is a place for the ingredients list, cooking time and serves. The detailed cooking process along with tips is given below.

Recipe 2 Sided Template 

This creative template is special not only due to its bright style, but also because it is placed on two pages. Next to the photo there are wide columns where all the necessary information is indicated. On the left, there is the cooking time, serves, ingredients and a very unusual point – who might like this dish. The right page is entirely dedicated to describing the step-by-step cooking process.

By means of the ready-made templates, you can quickly update your recipes collection of without any effort. It is enough for you to copy the layout once, and then use it for years, changing it to your taste. Not only the text is available for editing, but also the color range, background, font, photo. It is best to store the completed templates in separate files so as not to get confused.

If preferred, you can print out a blank layout and then fill it in by hand. This will enhance its identity.

Google Docs Recipe Templates will also be useful for catering industry.