Internet of Things projects (loT projects) can be best described as physical objects connected through the use of the internet. This latest advancement in technology has come to stay in interaction with humans because it has shown how efficient it can be.

What do we mean by physical objects? A physical object can be referred to as anything that is connected with any electronic, software, etc. with the internet.

These intelligent objects can easily exchange data with the network through the help of IP addresses. They are kind of independent to speak of. They are capable of doing some important tasks on their own.

Internet of Things (IoT) is growing and developing day by day. Everyone in this field of interest has been contributing and working on some important projects to take this particular area of technology above the normal level.

It is quite fine if as a developer you don’t really know many Internet of Things (IoT) projects. You don’t have to worry about yourself for so much, we will be discussing some really interesting Internet of Things projects ( IoT projects) you can pick to work on.

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1. IoT Based Weather Reporting System

This is simply a flexible weather monitoring and reporting system. Any weather reporting system that is based on the Internet of Things will help to find solutions to problems at any opportunity this system makes use of temperature, humidity rain sensors in monitoring weather and reporting weather statistics online.

IoT projects
IoT based Weather reporting system


  • It can make decisions on its own
  • You can easily use it in getting information from places that are difficult to access
  • Anyone interested in working on this project must be familiar with the Arduino platform

2. Touch-Based Home Automation System

You can possibly use a home automation system that depends on the Internet of Things to control any home gadgets irrespective of the location at that particular period of time.

A microcontroller-based home automation system that requires touch effect is our focus in this part of the article.

IoT projects
Touch-Based Home Automation System


  • This particular project depends on Adruino and ESP-32 microcontroller
  • You will need a smartphone or any related gadget for effective and efficient use of the touch effect to control home equipment
  • Little or no knowledge of programming is needed here

3. Facial Recognition Door with Raspberry PI

This is a great development with the Internet of Things. The idea behind the creation of this project is for allowing doors to open it recognizes it is meant to open to. This is actually an amazing way of improving security in our homes, workplace, and many more but this Internet of Things has some lapses – it is not 100% efficient.

The overall responsibility of Facial Recognition Door with Raspberry PI is to train users on how to go use it, gather data, and recognize faces.

IoT projects
Facial Recognition Door with Raspberry PI


  • Raspberry Pi Camera is used for identifying the faces of people
  • The gathering of data is done through the use of python code

4. Liquid Level Monitoring System

This particular project is simply straightforward. You can comfortably use this system to check the level of a liquid. The interpretation got from monitoring the liquid level depends on the mark or point the liquid reaches. This technology is mostly needed in industrial units.

IoT projects
IoT of Liquid Level Monitoring System


  • It works smoothly without knowing the whereabouts of the user
  • There have been a lot of discussions that this particular Internet of Things will be used to create Bluetooth technology in a few years to come

5. Smart Garage Door

This project gives you the opportunity to use your smartphone or tablet computer to control and monitor the opening and closing of your car’s garage. It provides a hugely significant improvement in the security of homes.

IoT projects
Smart Garage Door


  • This project supports laser and voice command
  • Simple and easy to use
  • The door of the garage is controlled with a flask web server used in Raspberry Pi

6. Internet of Things based Alarm Clock

An alarm clock made from the Internet of Things does beyond just waking us up from sleep. The idea is to allow the alarm clock rings as well as do some other things like opening the curtain, turn on the light in the bathroom, etc.

IoT projects
IoT based Smart Alarm Clock


  • It supports smartphones
  • It is sensitive to light and darkness
  • The efficiency of the voice command feature is immensely used with this project
  • Voice command controls the volume of the audio amplifier
  • It is a smart alarm clock

7. IoT Based Air Pollution Monitoring System

Pollution of the increase in our society today. Air pollution has been seriously contaminating our atmosphere. Certain chemical substances like CO2, SO2, and some harmful stuff are the reason we are having air pollution.

The use of the Internet of Things to monitor the concentration of air pollution is a great idea because it can cause diseases if this is not properly taken care of. IoT based air pollution meter is one of the very good projects in this category that can help solve the matter.

IoT projects
Block diagram of proposed IoT based Air Pollution Monitoring System


  • This project will give you value for money if implemented
  • It makes use of particle matter detector, gas sensor, temperature, and humidity sensor

8. Night Patrolling Robot

Night Patrolling Robot project makes use of Night Vision Camera to the predefined path and detect alarming sound. Security is a concern for us all and this IoT-based project has come in handy to help solve this issue by scanning places with its 360 degrees moving the camera and try to detect any human face. Then it transfers the image to the close-by user. This person is in charge of executing everything that concerns this IoT project.


  • It contains a USB camera and a Raspberry Pi 
  • It is very much possible it is not as expensive as hiring many security guards

9. Unique and Excellent Parking System

A smart parking system solves the problem of wasting limited time in looking for parking areas. Drivers will definitely find this IoT based project useful because it saves them from unnecessarily looking for parking space.

This project enables users to monitor the whole activities by providing for them an image of the parking area.


  • This project is created on the Arduino board
  • Unlawful parking of cars by drivers can be reduced if a large number of drivers use it
  • It makes use of the IR Sensor to detect areas that are free for parking cars

10. Internet of Things based Health Monitoring System

A norm says health is wealth but it appears we don’t really value the medical condition of our body. A large percentage of individuals are careless taking proper care of their bodies. Health monitoring system that depends on IoT might just be the one we need in helping check the health condition of your body.

This works by performing the necessary tests and send it to a medical doctor to observe and analyze the result sent. This is quite convenient.


  • The medical doctor that receives the result can check the current situation at any point in time from anywhere around the world
  • This project can actually perform a test on blood pressure, sugar level, and heartbeat, etc.
  • It supports Bluetooth technology
  • It is built on Arduino

11. IoT Based Smart Water Irrigation System

A smart water irrigation system that is based on the Internet of Things can be used to check the moisture level of a field and water supply.

IoT projects
IoT based Water Irrigation System


  • This project is designed to stop working when it is raining
  • You can comfortably control the switch of the project from the web
  • Arduino or 328p microcontroller can be conveniently used in controlling the motor that supplies water

12. IoT Based Traffic Management System

This smart traffic management system that is based on the Internet of Things can be used to reduce traffic issues we face on the road daily. It also monitors the breakers of traffic rules.

IoT Based Traffic Management
This is how IoT based Traffic Management System optimizes


  • This project can be operated from anywhere around the world
  • It only displays green for ambulance, emergence vehicles, and fire truck
  • It works efficiently in both night and day time

13. IoT Based Baby Monitoring System

Parents with infants can use this project to monitor the condition of their little ones from a remote area. It comes up with stuff like cry detecting mechanism, Live video surveillance, cloud computing data, and user interface as mobile or web version.

IoT Based Baby Monitoring System
An IoT based Baby Monitoring System that make use of Raspberry Pi


  • It detects every sound a little child make and transmit it to the parent
  • This particular Internet of Things project depends on Raspberry Pi
  • It is programmed in Python language

14. IoT Based Garbage Monitoring System

This IoT based project can help us clean up our garbages in a very nice and easy way. It makes use of an ultrasonic sensor detecting the level of garbage in all garbage bins and sends those data to the central IoT program.

IoT Based Garbage Monitoring System
IoT Based Garbage Monitoring System that make use of bolt and Arduino


  • It is programmed in C language
  • It is connected to a wifi modem
  • This project supports an Arduino Compiler and HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor

15. IoT Based Street Light Monitoring System

This IoT based street light monitoring system makes use of a smart street that uses a sensor in monitoring the movement and some activities of vehicles and individuals that pass by.

IoT Based Street Light Monitoring System
IoT Based Smart Street Light System


  • The street light switching on and off depends on if data is sent to the microcontroller or not
  • Python or C language can be used to build this project
  • It is sensitive to day and night

16. Gas Pipe Leakage Detector Robot

This IoT based project can be used efficiently to detect leakages in gas pipes in order to prevent unwanted circumstances from happening.

Gas Pipe Leakage Detector Robot
IoT Gas Pipe Leakage Detector Insect Robot


  • It is good that it is sensitive to leakage of about 1.5mm in size
  • It can be used to detect leakages in water pipes and petroleum pipes

17. Smart Baggage Tracker

Baggage tracker that depends on the Internet of Things can be very useful in tourist centers. People in the field of tourism needs it because it is advisable for them to use a tracker on their travel bags.

Smart Baggage Tracker
Smart Baggage Tracker


  • It is a simple FONA supported project
  • It is location-sensitive

18. IoT Based Early Flood Detection and Avoidance

This project helps to early detect any flooding activities that can cause a loss of properties and lives. It makes use of some important stuff like humidity, temperature, water level, and flow level in stating the flooding condition of an area.

IoT Based Early Flood Detection and Avoidance
IOT Early Flood Detection & Avoidance | Nevon Projects


  • It integrates well with HC-SR04 ultrasonic range finder distance sensor
  • It uses a DHT11 sensor in detecting humidity and temperature

19. IoT Based Wheelchair Fall Detection

This project comes in handy for older people that can’t walk well again but use wheelchairs. The Internet of Things used here will quickly notify us that this set of individuals have fallen down from the wheelchair.

Raspberry Pi Wheelchair With Safety System


  • It depends on Arduino compiler and ESP8266 Wifi module
  • It is built in C programming language

20. IoT Based Anti-Theft System

Security is now everyone’s business these days. This project will monitor the floor after which a house owner might have turned it on. A signal will be sent to the main IoT program should there be any footstep movement on the floor.

IoT Theft Detection Using Raspberry Pi


  • It is Raspberry Pi microcontroller supported
  • It makes use of a Piezo sensor for gathering information about any movement
  • Another massive improvement on security

21. The Use of Canyene to develop An IoT-Based Motion Detector

This project here makes use of canyene and Arduino Uno to create a motion-sensor-based security system.

Circuit diagram of the motion-sensor-based security alert system


  • You code less with this project

22. GSM-based Cellular IoT Home Automation

This IoT based project is an ideal application for some of us that are careless with putting on/off our home appliances. You can be able to monitor your home devices irrespective of your current location in the world once it is implemented.

GSM Based Home Automation System using Arduino: Project


  • It is a good idea for unnecessary pay-rise in electricity usage
  • It can even help reduce danger around our lives and properties

23. IoT-Based Smart Agriculture System

The idea behind the creation of this IoT project is to build an IoT farming system that will do the monitoring of the soil moisture.

IoT based Smart Agriculture Monitoring System Project


  • The aim of this project is to create a system that will digitally irrigate our land and also spray fertilizer and pesticides too from just a simple control from our smartphones

24. The building of an IoT Face Recognition AI Robot

This project is all about creating a gadget that can be able to accurately put into consideration the concentration of air and pollutant levels as well as noise pollution and transfer the results to the cloud.

Design Own IoT Mesh Enabled Environment Monitoring Device …


  • It can be used to measure environmental pollution (when integrated with the right tools)

25. The Creation of an IoT Face Recognition AI Robot

This IoT based project is all about building an intelligent AI robot that will be able to efficiently recognize the face and voice of an individual.

Designing IoT Face Recognition AI Robot | Electronics For You


  • It can also be used for receiving several commands for welcoming guests or for things that have to do with security

26. Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Mesh Enabled IoT Smart Device For Athletes

This IoT based project focus on providing real-time data of stuff like acceleration, angle and direction, medical status, etc. about athletes whether during training or during game days.

WiFi & Bluetooth Mesh Enabled IOT Smart Device For Athletes – Housetov


  • It can be used to indirectly improve the performance of athletes
  • It also makes viewers understand the game well

27. IoT-Enabled Air Pollution Meter With Digital Dashboard On Smartphone

This Internet of Things based air pollution meter project is concerned with the monitoring of air quality of our smartphones through the use of Blynk application and Arduino board.

IoT Enabled Air Pollution Meter With Digital Dashboard On Smartphone


  • It integrates well with Blynk application

28. Noise Detector with Automatic Recording System Using Arduino With The IoT

Not everyone finds a noisy environment appealing or pleasing to the ear. This IoT dependant project has come in handy to help us detect noise within our vicinities.

Noise Detector with Automatic Recording System Using Arduino


  • It comes with an automatic recording system

29. Wireless Biometric Lock Using Arduino With The IoT(Hindi & English)

This project is all about using the fingerprint sensor on our smartphones to build a prototype of a biometric lock at a very low cost.

Wireless Biometric Lock Using Arduino With The IoT(Hindi & English …


  • It is simply a low-cost biometric lock

30. The Use of Google Assistant and Raspberry Pi(Hindi & Video) to Build a Multi-Language Voice Control IoT Home Automation

This IoT home automation system will users to choose the language of their choice through the use of voice command in controlling their respective homes.

Multi-Language Voice Control IOT Home Automation Using Google …


  • It is not restricted to just one human language

31. Smart Arduino Touch Switch Board For Home Automation With IoT

This IoT based project deals with starting and stopping electric water heater from Blynk application on our smartphones.

Smart Arduino Touch Switch Board For Home Automation With IoT.


  • It helps in increasing the temperature of water

32. Smart Home Security System With Automatic Phone Calling System Using Arduino With The IoT

This device helps in alerting the owners of a jewelry shop when it detects the presence of a thief within its premises. It goes further by getting in touch with security agents that are in charge of the crime of this magnitude to come for the thief.

Smart Home Security System With Automatic Phone Calling System …


  • It is a good improvement on security

33. IoT-Based PM2.5 and PM10 Air Quality Monitoring System

This system can be used to assess particulate matter (PM), humidity, temperature, altitude, and pressure levels.

ESP32-based air quality monitoring system | Electronics …


  • It is simply an ESP32 NodeMCU-based Air Quality monitoring system

34. ESP8266 based wireless web server

This IoT project is integrated well with an Arduino.

ESP8266 Based Wireless Web Server | Arduino Projects


  • Efficient and durable
  • It is relatively cheap in terms of cost

35. Windows 10 on Raspberry

This device allows you to communicate with one another with just a simple connection go the device with windows 10.

How to install Windows 10 IoT Core for Raspberry Pi 2


  • You will need a public release of Windows 10, Windows 10 IoT core dashboard, and a Raspberry Pi 2 before you can get started

36. Smart Wireless Water Meter With Web DB IoT Projects

The IoT project in discussion here is concerned about measuring people’s daily water usage and preparing live data on their phones that is connected to a database, which is easily visible to the government.

Smart Wireless Water Meter With Web DB IoT Projects (Hindi …


  • A smart water meter

37. Sign To Speech Using the Internet of Things

The aim of this IoT project is to bring together both deaf and mute peoples with others through the means of communication.

Sign To Speech Using the Internet of Things


  • It helps to improve communication among people

38. IoT and Touch-Based Home Automation

There are lots of IoT based home automation around today but this is quite unique because it is touch-enabled.

IoT and Touch-Based Home Automation | Full IoT Electronics Project


  • An IoT based home automation system

39. Temperature Logging System

This IoT project allows users to carefully obtain, store, analyze, visualize, and act on the data received from sensors or electronic circuits.

IoT projects
Temperature Logging System using Wi-Fi | Detailed Project Available


  • It integrates well with PIC16F887 MCU, ESP8266 Wi-Fi module, logic-level shifter, LM35 temperature sensor, 3.3V regulator LM1117-3.3, 5V regulator 7805 and 16×2 LCD module

40. IoT Patient Health Monitoring Project

This IoT based project is a smart patient health tracking system that makes use of Sensors tracking the heart of patients and uses the internet in notifying their loved ones if a need arises.

IoT projects
IoT Patient Health Monitoring Project


  • It helps to know the current health condition of our aged ones at home


The 40 Internet of Things projects we have carefully considered in this article are not the only ones around but they are some of the important ones among others. It is a known fact that these projects in one way or the other will make a huge impact on our daily lives.

Many researchers are still doing some key findings in the field of the Internet of Things. This part of technology (IoT) is here to stay and we must truly embrace to an adequate use of it.