To attract good specialists to the project, achieve great results, and do more, it is worth following significant trends in staff management. Let’s talk about 3 of them.

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What Are Trends in Management, and Why Are They Useful?

These are just modern trends that should be followed – it allows you not to lose ground and not reduce the client’s cost.

It is necessary to make efforts to form a team of vital specialists, involve them in the process, and keep them for a long time.

For example, I conduct team building, organize workflow management, and be a mentor and friend to colleagues.

All these can be achieved with the help of a unified project management system such as It involves a task management system, a project management system, a CRM, and a control system.

In other words, it has everything you need to manage your big or small business at once.
Changes in the labor market have also affected the expectations of applicants – they want managers to listen to them and provide opportunities for growth within the company.
Now people need to know how much prestige a job in this company will give them, but what kind of people work in it and how comfortable it will be to grow together as a specialist.

Therefore, if you want to attract those who will help you scale your business, we advise you to pay attention to the trends we have formulated below.

3 Trends in Team Management

We are sure that there are many more trends, but we have singled out the most common ones. And we are confident that they are worth implementing or trying.

Regular reviews

To highlight blind spots and shortcomings in management in time, we advise you to conduct a review. These are individual meetings between employees and managers where everyone shares feedback.

For example, the manager shares what he liked and did not like in the employee’s work, and the manager vice versa shares his opinion on the work processes, strategy, the boss’s behavior, etc.

Many bosses are afraid to criticize the team – they can lose trust and face misunderstandings. And the team is afraid to criticize the authorities – this is a vicious circle.

But this practice only strengthens the connection between employees and the manager – and this improves the business process:

  1. The employee draws attention to mistakes he might not have noticed before until the manager pointed them out to him.
  2. It becomes clear to the manager what the employee does not like in the company and whether it is possible to fix this somehow and prevent burnout.

The review will not take much time – from 5 to 30 minutes per person. However, we advise you to hold such meetings once a quarter or half a year to monitor the team’s mood continually.

Don’t just express your feedback without a reward, especially if your employees are going above and beyond.

While your employees will appreciate praise, a “thank you” is hardly enough gratitude for hard-working individuals. Adopting software for employee appreciation can help you create impactful reward strategies that support both business and employee growth. 

Buddy and mentoring

In most companies, leaders are not recruited from outside but raised from within. These guys have gone through all the processes and know how everything works.
Therefore, companies are interested in hiring promising employees, even beginners. And to get used to it faster, they give them a mentor or “buddy” – a mentor who will help them integrate into the team and always tell them about work issues.

This helps to join the work quickly, be bold, take on unusual tasks, and gain new knowledge.


Candidates are more fond of companies that openly communicate with users. Businesses with good reputations easily attract skilled people.

Therefore, it is essential, to be honest with the team and the audience, not hide important decisions and keep work processes secret.

Now every second company actively maintains accounts on social networks, talks about its employees, shows corporate parties, and other internal activities. All this is not just for nothing – such a transparent business style, openness, and honesty help companies attract talent and keep interested specialists inside.