The Gatsby framework makes it easy to build static sites on Node.js using React and GraphQL. The Gatsby static website generator relies on the JavaScript framework React to generate great-looking static websites

If you’re also looking to build a static website with Gatsby, then the Gatsby theme turns out to be very useful. 

A developer can quickly get their website up and running thanks to the high-quality and customizable Gatsby themes available on the internet. 

Here in this article, you will get recommendations of the 12 best Gatsbyjs themes that are professionally created and impressively designed with a wide variety of features.

So, let’s get started. 

Best Gatsby Themes & Gatsby templates

Here goes our compiled list of the 12 best Gatsbyjs themes:

1. FlexiBlog 

If you’re looking to build a blog, then FlexiBlog is one of the best Gatsby Starter blog themes that you can consider. This multipurpose blog theme is built on React and Gatsby JS v4.

The Gatsby theme is equipped with a wide range of pre-designed layouts that are ideal for agency, education, medical, personal, and so on. 

As Flexiblog’s main strength, it is not limited to local Markdown files but can handle a variety of formats including Contentful CMS and Strapi CMS and Netlify CMS, and Sanity CMS.

FlexiBlog Gatsby theme is blazingly fast, fully responsive & developer-friendly and it comes with a number of easy customization options to help you create your style.

The clean declarative code is backed by comprehensive documentation to help developers get familiar with the theme and apply the customization to themes easily. 


  • Component shadowing facilitates modifying any template component or page with ease.

  • Dark mode UI that is compatible to work on both mobile and desktop

  • Pre-designed layouts to quickly bootstrap the website

  • Seo-optimized Gatsbyjs blog theme to drive more organic traffic to your website

  • Responsive layouts to deliver a smooth experience on mobile devices

  • Social media optimized to ensure more reach to your website

  • Easy integrations with Google and Facebook Analytics to monitor website performance

  • Ease of integration with SaaS-valued services 

  • 50+ pre-designed React components 

  • Readymade Gatsby page templates

  • Easy font swapping

  • Adaptive images 

2. SuperProps Gatsby

SuperProps Gatsby- React Gatsby JS Landing Page Templates by redqteam

SuperProps is one of the top Gatsby landing pages that utilize React as the main component to build the landing page and Gatsby Js as its backend.

The components are reusable, and the architecture is modern, so you can build different apps using the same components. 

SuperProps Gatsby landing pages can be quickly and easily deployed to hosts like Firebase and Vercel. It has amounted to more than 3800+ sales on ThemeForest which makes it one of the best Gatsby js landing pages. 

SuperProps is fully responsive & comes with two license versions: regular and extended. The regular license version is around $17 and is designed for use by one client with one end product which is not charged to end users.

In contrast, the extended version cost you $570, which is ideal for you or a single client, in a single product that can be charged to end users.


  • Scalable landing page with a trending design 

  • Smaller build size leads to faster dev compilations and improved performance 

  • Lightweight, flexible, and fast dependency-free JavaScript ES6 slider

  • Built-in components 

  • Envato assures quality 

  • 30+ pre-built templates

3. Gatsby Material Starter

Gatsby Material Starter

Gatsby Material Starter is a material design-based Gatsbyjs blog theme geared towards simplifying the process of building advanced GatsbyJS-powered websites through the use of the latest technologies.

You can write Unit/Integration/E2E tests right out of the box using TypeScript and JavaScript. It comes with Jest and Cypress configurations as well.


  • Gatsby v3 compatibility

  • TypeScript support

  • A client-side API call with React Query

  • Social media integrations

  • SEO-rich Gatsby blog theme

4. Vie

Vie - Gatsby Creative Portfolio & Agency template by ThemesCamp |  ThemeForest

Vie is a Gatsby portfolio suitable for creative agencies and small business startups as it is a great template for showing off the portfolio.

The React js module was built using well-organized and nicely commented files to make customization simple.

In terms of pricing, the regular version of the Gatsby js theme will set you back $9, and the extended version will set you back $120.


  • 18+ creative templates

  • 100% responsive

  • Ease of customization

  • Minimal and clean coding

  • Well-commented files

  • Free templates

  • Mobile and desktop browser compatibility

5. Mitech

Mitech - React Gatsby Technology & Blog Template by BootXperts | ThemeForest

Mitech is a Gatsby template with an elegant design and smooth animations.

It is recognized among the top Gatsby website templates designed with the latest trends in mind.

Within a short period of time, you will significantly increase your website’s rankings by using this neat, clean, and simple theme.

The regular version of Mitech will cost you around $24 while the extended version of the software will cost you approximately $950.


  • Customizable GraphSQL schema

  • Ease of customization

  • All elements of the theme are SEO-optimized

  • Easy-to-understand documentation 

  • Cross-browser adaptability to ensure responsiveness

  • Free updates 

6. Gatsby Netlify CMS Modern blog Web App

Gatsby Netlify is a web-based Gatsby Starter template that can be easily hosted on any platform with minimal effort.

This Gatsbyjs blog theme is perfect for modern publications. It is implemented using the JAMstack framework, which uses Git as the single source of truth, Netlify to handle continuous deployment, and a CDN for content delivery for the project.


  • Implementing Netlify CMS with a simple landing page and customized blog

  • Editable pages to make the template speak about the particular needs of a blog

  • JS chunk loading and pre-rendered HTML ensure lightning-fast loading

  • Separate components for everything to ensure easy customizability

  • Dark theme

7. Klane

Klane - Gatsby React Landing Page Templates by HiboTheme | ThemeForest

Klane is a multipurpose business Gatsby landing website template based on React. This Gatsby js landing page is developer-friendly, fast, and lightweight that can be easily customized to adhere to your requirements.

It is responsive across all sizes of devices and delivers a stellar experience. 


  • Availability of 10+ landing pages

  • Implemented on Gatsby v4+, React 18+, Bootstrap 5.x, and Sass

  • No dependency on JQuery

  • Blazing-fast loading speed

  • Optimized for SEO

  • Smooth transition effects

  • Free google fonts

  • Comprehensive documentation

8. Gatsby Personal Portfolio

As the name suggests, it is a clean and easy-to-use Gatsby portfolio template. This template comes with user-friendly components and emerges as the best choice for showcasing an individual’s portfolio.

This Gatsby theme offers a responsive design that works across multiple devices without appearing to be clustered or cluttered.


  • A lightning-fast pace

  • Engaging layouts that work across devices

  • Dark mode UI 

9.  Arun

Arun - Gatsby React Personal Blog Theme by GBJsolution | ThemeForest

If you’re looking for the best Gatsbyjs blog theme, then Arun is one of your best choices. Aside from that, it also comes with integrated support for a Git-based content management system (CMS) called the Netlify CMS. 

Designed for both personal and business blogs, this Gatsby theme comes with light and dark modes. It is very easy to set up a website with this template.


  • Adaptable to any size device, 100% responsive

  • An emphasis on content, modernity, and minimalism

  • There is no dependency on jQuery

  • Design focused on elegance and clutter-free typography

  • Faster loading thanks to fewer unnecessary CSS and JavaScript

  • Images that are responsive

  • Image lazy loading

  • An organized and well-commented code

  • Compatibility with multiple browsers

10. Finity

Finity - React Gatsby Landing Page Template for SaaS & Startup by grayic

Finity is a Gatsby js landing page that is built on React. At the core of Finity, you will find reusable React components that you can use to build your application.

The super-easy file management system makes it easier to edit and deploy landing pages faster.

Buying a regular license for this landing page will cost you $16 while purchasing an extended license will cost you $599.

Furthermore, this is one of the best Gatsby landing pages that are also available in HTML CSS and NextJS. 


  • Qualitative expectations for code

  • 6+ landing pages

  • Get optimized to deliver fast loading speed

  • Lifetime updates

  • Reusable components

  • File system routing

  • Dev compilation is faster, build size is smaller, etc

11. vHealth

If you are a health startup and looking for the best Gatsby website templates, then v Health is meant to be the right choice for you.

It is a modular and easy-to-use Gatsby template designed for a healthcare startup company and easily customizable. This is an open-source template.


  • Designed with modular components

  • Material UI

  • Theme easily customizable

  • TypeScript/TSX

  • Designed to be responsive

12. Pagerland

Gatsbyjs Themes

Pagerland is yet another great GatsbyJS landing page template built on top of React and Gatsby. This Gatsby theme emerges as the right choice for startups, mobile, and web apps thanks to its ease of customization abilities. 


  • Server-side rendering

  • Up-to-date React dependencies

  • Command-line interface to create architecture-specific templates

  • Optimized for SEO

  • Well-documented

  • Envato elite support 

Final Take on the Gatsby theme

With GatsbyJS themes, you can easily create a site using Gatsby. It comes with prebuilt pages that can be customized to meet your exact needs. The Gatsby theme functions as a composable Gatsby configuration. By abstracting away complex or repetitive parts into reusable packages, they enable you to work with Gatsby at a higher