Tailwind CSS framework allows high customization and provides you with construction blocks for you to come up with user interfaces that meet your design needs. 

In this article I have listed best top 20 Tailwind CSS Dashboard Templates templates and themes. 

1. Midone 

 Midone is a Vue admin dashboard beginner kit that is integrated with Tailwind CSS. You can easily utilize Vue 3 new characteristics and also the Tailwind CSS element.  It is designed to fit in all kind of screens coming with diverse pages and other elements to make it easier in construction of applications. 


  • It contains three blog layouts. 
  • It has Tailwind CSS 2 
  • It has a highly responsive layout. 

2. Topson 

 Topson is a totally responsive messenger dashboard guide/ template and web UI elements. Its design allows Topson to fit in different device screens. It supports different browsers i.e. chrome, safari, Firefox, etc. Topson has unique components and pages that allows easy and fast building of a massager application. 


  • Contains register and log in pages, 
  • Its layout is fully responsive. 
  • Add-on helper classes and utilities 
  • Updates are free and are for a lifetime. 


 Concavo is a sensitive and exceptional admin template created with Redux, Tailwind CSS, SASS and React. It has over 100 layouts and customized widgets to help in kick-starting web-based interface or upcoming projects.


  • Contains 2 example dashboards 
  • It contains file system-based direction, immediate code splitting, universal rendering and hot code refreshing. 
  • It has dark and light backgrounds 


 Open PRO is a striking start page template that has a polished user interface and a dark set-up. It has multiple complements and pages which acts as a solution to distinct app websites and SaaS. 


  • It is a premium template with multiple sections, pages and components. 

5. D-Board 

 D-board is an elegant and exceptional dashboard template constructed over Tailwind CSS, Redux and Next.js. It has 100+ elements and various reusable widgets for easy building your web application and proceeding Tailwind project. 


  • It contains hot code refreshing and involuntary code splitting 
  • Contains over 100 components and pages 
  • It has dark and light versions.

6. Vue TailWind Admin – Free

 Vue Tailwind Admin is an open-source admin theme that has a spicy and fresh layout that is motivated  by brand-new designs. It is constructed using Vue.js, Tailwind CSS and also runs a Vuex for controlling of sidebar state allover components. 


  • It has several theme layouts. 
  • It has a starter project to help you do faster development. 

7.Tailwind Starter Kit – Free

 Tailwind Starter kit is open-source, and it doesn’t alter or do CSS additions to existing code in Tailwind CSS. It features several HTML elements and comes with dynamic sections/ components for Angular, Vue and ReactJS. 


  • It has over 100 coded CSS elements 
  • It has 4 pre-built pages. 
  • It has sixteen dynamic JavaScript elements. 

8. Treo 

  Treo has a collective layout setup that enables utilization of several templates without any crucial changes to the general constitution of the template.  It is very flexible because it can set individual routes and allowing you to have any page design without changing the codebase.


  • It contains several theme layouts and can set individual layout per course. 
  • It contains a starter project to help you develop faster. 

9. SaasFolio 

 SaasFolio is an initial page template for Saas startups and products that is conversion-driven. It is different from similar resources because it focuses on content hierarchy and rigid sales copy. A well-written copy helps in crafting of a persuasive message that will turn visitors to customers. Features

  • It has over 95 Google page speed. 
  • It has a detailed documentation 

10. Tailwind Admin 

 Taiwind Admin is a traditional and up-to-date premium tailwind CSS dashboard suitable for creation of dashboard, SAAS applications or web apps. It has rich demo pages and segments to help in the creation of attractive web app projects. Features

  • It has flexible graphs and charts. 
  • It has a drag and drop file attaching uploads 


 Are you looking for a multipurpose landing page pack custom-made with quality code and attention to details. It is designed to help you as a maker/ developer promote online software, mobile applications, startup validations and page presentations. Features 

  • It contains futuristic mobile navigation. 
  • It has robust template options and on click demonstration installs 

12. Tailwind Toolbox 

 This starter page template suits any physical or digital commodity marketing purpose. It can also be utilized as a sales tool to increase exchange rate.  It is highly customizable, well documented with dynamic contact forms and fully responsive. Features

  • It contains free google fonts 
  • It has a modern and unique layout. 


 Yeti Admin is a premium template that designed in a simple way. All application and pages are customized to suit any web app and Admin needs. It has minimized dependencies since it allows you to use what you only need. Features

  • It has a dark mode and multiple layouts. 
  • It has custom pages, applications and UI components. 

14. STEIN 

 Stein is a clean, easy to use, modern WordPress theme suitable for bloggers, and it is suited for a vast range of magazine and blog types. It is built using Tailwind CSS. Features

  • It is mobile optimized and responsive. 
  • Several footer and header layout. 
  • It has light and dark color modes. 

15. TailStack 

 TailStack is a completely responsive Tailwind CSS template that has several layouts, user interface elements and designs. It is easy to extend or build TailStack to accommodate any application from SaaS to CRM’s Admins. Features

  • It’s built on Tailwind CSS 
  • It is mobile ready and forms. 
  • It has precomposed components, several demos, and layouts. 

16. Fuse 

 Fuse is a multi-layout, modular angular template that features customized page layouts and applications, UX-best practices and UI elements. It multiple-layout allows you to use several template layouts with making key changes to general structure templates and individual layout per course. Features

  • It has ready to use and prebuilt page designs and application. 
  • It’s components are highly customized 
  • It has light and dark color schemes. 


 Midone is a Laravel admin dashboard kit that has Tailwind CSS integration. It is designed to suit different device screens. It has a variety of elements and unique pages that help in fast building of Admin applications. Features

  • It has authentication and helper functions. 
  • It has 3 blog layouts, menu variants, invoice layouts and FAQ layout’s 
  • It has unique login page, error page, profile page, and password page. 

18. Screenshot Landing Page 

 Screenshot landing page is a versatile open-source homepage template that has space for section custom illustrations and browser screenshots. You can use it to show your users an elegant and clean look every time Features

  • It has browser illustrations and screenshots. 
  • It is fully maintained and Wisely coded. 

19. Tailwind Admin Template 

 This template helps you create a design that is slick, attractive and gives an ultimate usage experience to your users. It has the latest product that helps in streamlining your customer-centric application and fresh UI. Feature

  • It has Pseudo-class variants, interactive charts and graphs. 
  • It gives free updates for a long period. 

20.Square-Tailwind CSS Admin Kit

 Square Tailwind CSS admin Kit is a dashboard template constructed for React.  It has a box that backs up dark and light color schemes. Its constructed using Tailwind CSS collection, and It’s very customizable to suit your specifications. Features

  • Its UI components are highly reusable. 
  • Dark and light color schemes 
  • Highly responsive on tablet, mobile and desktop 


 I hope the above list will help you kick start your Tailwind CSS project easily. Recommend them to your friends to also create elegant smart projects.