Intelectual theft has been rampant these days, people use stuff not theirs without the permission of the rightful owner(s).

A PHP Obfuscator does the work of scrambling the source code of PHP script in order to make people find it very difficult to understand.

Important things like the variable name, class, interface and function names are being replaced by PHP Obfuscators to something not meaningful.

On this page, we will give you the best PHP Obfuscators you can always use to protect your source codes.

1. YAK Pro – Php Obfuscator

The full meaning of YAK PRO is Yet Another Killer Product. As we all know, YAK Pro is a free, open source PHP Obfuscator.


  • Uses if goto to obfuscates statements like if, else, elseif, for, while, do while
  • Rearranges the statements randomly
  • Deletes things like comments and identation
  • Scrambles every important part of your codes (e.g variable name, functions, classes, labels, namespaces, etc)

2. PHP Obfuscator by Naneu

This unique tool make use of eval() based obfuscation to parse and obfuscate key parts of codes like variable names, classes, methods, etc.


  • It supports PHP 5.3, 5.4 and 5.5 but you need PHP 5.4+ to be able to run this tool
  • It is best suitable for PSR/OOp PHP codes

3. pH-7 Obfuscator

This obfuscator class is the best you need for protecting your open source code while you work on all web hosting.


  • It only works in PHP 5.2 or higher versions
  • Your codes becomes very difficult to read when you use this obfuscator

4. Eccenux POBS

Your PHP codes become very difficult to be reused when you put your downloaded POBS file in a directory under your web server.

POBS as a PHP Obfuscator is known as a collection of files in just a directory.


  • It configuration doesn’t require too much
  • You can use it for large projects

5. PHP Compactor

This tool helps you to compress and obfuscate your PHP codes with ease, without difficulty.


By comparing the real number of characters needed for running that class, you are also able to use this tool to know the true size of projects

6. pmaslak/php-obfuscator

You can use this tool for commercial and non-commercial purposes. It performs same functions as Yak-Pro.


  • Open source
  • Under MIT license

7. smart-php-obfuscator

This excellent PHP obfuscator is simply smart as it name implies.

It is developed by Weidi Zhang.


  • Very simple but sophisticated
  • Open source PHP obfuscator
  • It is suitable for PHP 7.0+

8. pl4g4/online-php-obfuscrator

This PHP code obfuscator was developed by pl4g4. All you need to do is to upload your PHP file(s) and this online PHP obfuscator will create an obfuscated script version of it for you.

Don’t be worried or scared they will delete all the files you have uploaded when everything is done.


  • Open source
  • The obfuscated script version is downloadable


Your PHP source codes are protected from developers that want to steal them when you try out this amazing PHP obfuscators.

Descriptions and features of these PHP obfuscators are to there to guide you in making good use of each one of them.